10 Best Telegram Channels For Cryptocurrency [2021]

Cryptocurrency could be the future of investments, says the veteran investors. If you are a beginner, want to start investing, cryptocurrency might be the best for you. Here, I’m listing the ten best Telegram Channels for cryptocurrency to help beginners start investing in Crypto from scratch.

We are in the golden opportunity in the form of cryptocurrency investment. You can get high returns if you select the right project for the investment.

Most people fear that their government can ban cryptocurrency, and they will lose all of their capital. But this is not entirely true. However, Governments can apply restrictions, but they can not ban the Crypto because no one has authority over it.

Recently in India, RBI made some restrictions on the cryptocurrency, and people started fearing that Crypto was going to be banned in India. However, it’s still legal, and it will be.

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Pros & Cons Of Investing In Cryptocurrency

Whether it is the stock market or cryptocurrency, you should always do your research before making any step forward into either. Here are some pros and cons of cryptocurrency investment.


  • Crypto is beginner-friendly and easy to invest in.
  • It Doesn’t take too much research like the stock markets and trading.
  • You can get 10X to 100X higher returns by investing in the right project.
  • Cryptocurrency allows users to send money to anyone from anywhere without costing any third-party charges.
  • There will be zero chance of personal information leakage; therefore, most illegal deals happen in bitcoins.


  • Crypto market is highly volatile.
  • Investing in the Crypto is even riskier than investing in the stock market.
  • It requires proper research to avoid risks and expect good returns.
  • Illegal transactions happen through cryptocurrency.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency In India?

Investing in cryptocurrency is way easier than investing in the stock market. If you’ve made up your mind to put money in Crypto Market, then it’s the right time indeed.

The easiest way to trade or buy cryptocurrency is through WazirX, Coinswitch Kuber, and Coin DCX exchange apps.

Although some other android apps provide cryptocurrency trading, these three are the most popular and trusted ones.

All you need to do is choose any of these apps, sign-up, fill up your personal details and start buying and selling Cryptocurrencies.

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List Of Best Telegram Channels For Cryptocurrency Investment

Whether it is the stock market or cryptocurrency, telegram channels are one of the best options if you want to gain knowledge and experience for educational purposes.

We are trying to learn cryptocurrency so that I am listing the ten best telegram channels for cryptocurrency investment and trading.


With more than 494K+ subscribers, CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BLOCKCHAIN is one of the best telegram channels for cryptocurrency.

This channel is indeed a trendy telegram community which is undoubtedly for people who like trading.

However, If you’re a working professional and already got a lot of work to do then, I would not suggest you follow the channel because it demands attention and time, which you might lack in that situation.

Unlike the previous case, if you can afford time and the required attention you might get good returns from this channel’s signals. Although, I’ll still suggest, you should learn and ask your financial advisor before investing in Crypto or the stocks.


You’ll learn how to trade with cryptocurrency on this channel by the name CRYPTO INVESTMENT AND TRADING.

The channel has more than 60K+ international members. They do around 100 posts daily and consistently.
However, they talk and give their personal views on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and others so that you can get a clear idea.

Is it time to invest in Crypto or not? Should I hold in tough times or not? You will get the answers to all these kinds of questions.


FX CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT is one of the best channels for cryptocurrency. The admins are very generous and share truthful information and news on crypto and blockchain technology.

However, 63K+ international members are trusting and relying on the channel to make profits through crypto trading.

The crypto market is volatile, and thus on this channel, you will learn how to recognize the loopholes in the market to gain capital. If you’re serious on crypto trading, this channel might be the one you should join.

4. Crypyo India Haveli

If you’re going to put your money according to any telegram channel, then the channel must be genuine and post trustworthy news regularly.

Crypto India Haveli is one of the most trusted telegram channels for investing in cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the channel has more than 85K+ subscribers enjoying the perks of joining this free channel.

However, based on their research and views, the admins provide their views on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, etc.

You don’t have to rely on their recommendations; please do your homework and consult your financial advisor.

5. Bitcoin Dogecoin Crypto (Crypto Bulls) India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Bitcoin Dogecoin Crypto aka Crypto Bulls India is one of the largest telegram channels that has 639K+ subscribers.

This channel is my personal favorite, and I’ll always recommend this to beginners. You’ll learn cryptocurrency investment from experienced traders across India.

Furthermore, you will get daily 50+ investment calls for various popular Cryptocurrencies.

However, the views will be based on the admin’s personal experience so that you don’t have to rely on their calls blindly. You should always cross-check before making any investment in the Crypto market.

6. Crypto Update TM

As we know Crypto market is highly volatile, and if you want to start investing and trading crypto, you must have updated information regarding Cryptocurrencies. So that you can make right decisions for your next project.

Crypto Update TM is a telegram channel, part of a YouTube channel named “onlinepaisa.” This channel has over 15K subscribers enjoying the daily news on blockchain technology.

However, you won’t get any calls regarding the crypto investments, but you’ll indeed get all the critical and essential news for Cryptocurrencies.

7. Trading Singanls Bitcoin

With more than 903K subscribers, Trading Signals Bitcoin is one of the best telegram channels for cryptocurrency investment.

The admins are genuine and have more than five years of experience in cryptocurrency trading.

However, you’ll get daily more than 20 calls for crypto investing. They claim above 90% profit accuracy, and you can earn consistently through their calls and tips.

Even though the admins are genuine, I would still recommend you to keep patience and stud the market patterns and behaviors.

8. Binance Pump Official Channel

If you’re not making more money with your money, you’re losing it eventually by the inflation rate. So it is crucial to invest your money in the right project.

Cryptocurrency investment might give you great returns at the price of higher risk as well.

However, nobody wants to lose, and thus you need to learn everything before making the investments.

You can join the Binance Pump Official telegram channel with more than 101K+ crypto traders to learn the cryptocurrency well.

9. Bitcoin Expert India

Bitcoin Expert India is one of the best telegram channels to learn cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin.

This channel has around 45K+ subscribers who get daily news for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investments. Furthermore, the admins are veterans in trading cryptocurrencies like Etherium, Dogecoin, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert; You’ll indeed get an advantage by joining this channel. The good thing is this is an Indian telegram channel that spreading awareness about Bitcoin mining and trading.

There are two Bitcoin Expert India channels on telegram you have to join which share more frequently information with consistency. You can use the link given below.

10. Crypto Trading Signal – BITCOIN INDIA 🇮🇳

Crypto Trading Signal is yet another excellent telegram channel for cryptocurrency and personal finance. If you were looking for Indian channels, then this is one of the best amongst all.

At last, this channel has earned more than 114K+ subscribers by providing genuine and consistent information regarding crypto market news and trading calls.

Moreover, you’ll get 40+ calls and tips; based on that, you can also invest in Crypto coins. After following the channel, soon you’ll be able to make crypto investing decesions by yourself.


We’re living in the golden era of cryptocurrency investments; you should not miss the opportunity. Fearing loss is obvious, but no risk, no reward, you know that.

I’ve written for beginners to experienced. I mentioned all the different types of telegram channels that will help every individual improve their knowledge and capital.

However, I would still recommend you follow your instincts and not rely on any channel’s calls and tips for crypto trading or investments. Only you will be responsible for your monetary loss or profits, so choose your projects wisely.

In conclusion the post was about ten best telegram channels for cryptocurrency investment and trading. I’ve tried to cover all the essential and critical information that will help a beginner to start investing in cryptocurrency.

If you’ve any queries or suggestions regarding the post, please feel free to write down your valuable words in the comment section below.

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