20+ Best Telegram Channels For Online Shopping Deals

Online shopping is easy, fun, and more convenient than offline. Most people don’t know that they can save lots of money on their online purchases. They don’t know yet. Many Facebook and telegram groups share deals and offer that can save a lot of your hard-earned money. But finding an open group that shares truthful information might be handy so that I’m sharing some of the best telegram channels for online shopping deals.

I’m writing this article for Indian people, so Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal are the trusted e-commerce sites. You will get the offers and deals for these websites along with the recharge coupons.

There are many Telegram channels for shopping deals, and you don’t have to join as many you can. You should join a channel according to your Short-term or Long-term needs. Like if you want a discount on Faishon clothing, then join a specific channel for that.

If you want to get a coupon for recharge, there’s a different channel for that also. You can join a telegram channel for any specific product as well.

Before Joining A Telegram Channel For Online Shopping Deals

Here are some crucial points that you should keep in your mind before joining the telegram channels for shopping deals.

  • Do not purchase anything in the action of greed, and you’re joining the channel to save your money not to spend.
  • You should always check the product link if that starts from https://www.flipkart.com/ or https://www.amazon.in/ or any other popular e-Commerce website.
  • Ensure the “HTTPS” for a safer transaction.
  • If the admins share deal links from another website you don’t know, I highly recommend that you do not have to fall for that offer or deal.
  • Always use your common sense before making any purchase.
  • If someone says that they will get you any product at a far lesser price than usual, leave the conversation immediately.
  • Online shopping is an addictive thing, so these telegram groups are. You will lose most of your time surfing in these groups. So keep that in mind you don’t have to waste your precious time.
  • Make a purchase according to your need, not in the action of greed.
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List Of Best Telegram Channels For Online Shopping Deals

Here is the list of best telegram channels that provide incredible shopping offers and deals daily. The links for the channels are given below. If you have any difficulty finding the channels, please try to search them directly on your telegram app.

1. Shopping Zone (Loot Deals offers)

Shopping Zone is one of the best telegram channels to get the best deals every day. The channel has more than 51k subscribers. The admins are very consistent; they update whenever any deal or offer comes live as soon as possible.

You will get at least more than 20 offers daily on grocery items, clothing, electronics, headphones/earphones, recharge, and much more deals on this channel. And the best part is this channel is very genuine, and they don’t spam.

2. Offerzone

Offerzone is one of the best telegram channels for online shopping lovers. This channel has more than 170k subscribers for a reason. The admins are very genuine and consistent in delivering links for the lowest price deals, loot deals, and offers for free DTH or mobile recharge.

They often provide tips and tricks to earn through links and offers. That money might not be huge, but it sure will help you to reduce your monthly expenses.


If you like shopping from Amazon, you will indeed like this channel too. “Online shopping offers live” have more than 40k subscribers. The admins share amazing loot deals from Amazon. They share all the daily need items to refrigerators and mobile accessories and much more deals based accordingly. You will be going to love this channel.

4. Loot Alerts

Along with the 41K members, you will get daily 10 to 30 loot deals on various products. This channel mainly focuses on providing loot deals for Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more.

Loot deals can be called steal deals of any product. The product which comes under the loot deal gets out of stock due to the high demand. You have to make a quick move to get those deals. Moreover, they also share the comparison prices along with the loot deals.

5. Loot Deal Alerts By IndiaDesire.com

Loot deal alerts by Indiadesire is my favorite telegram channel to grab the fastest loot deals and offer before it goes out of stock. This channel has 24K+ members, and the admins consistently share the loot deals and offer along with the prices and images.

Furthermore, they also update if the deal is live or expired so that you don’t have to waste any more time opening the expired deal. You surely don’t want to miss out on the massive discounts on your favorite products. Joining is free and easy.

6. Shopping Loot- 24×7 Fastest Deal Alerts

Shopping Loot is yet another excellent telegram channel that provides the latest deals and links to the products. As I always say, don’t fall for the subscriber’s count of any channel. Judge them by their work; they are consistent and provide regular deals from Amazon and Flipkart.

The channel is new and has only 4 thousand members, but the admins work hard to provide you with the best deals asap.

Furthermore, this channel is unique from the others. On this channel, the members can also share their views in the form of comments.

7. Loots Tricks – Shopping Deals

Loot tricks have made 59K+ members and provide consistent deals and offers for online shopping lovers. If you’re the one who wants to grab something online at the lowest possible price, then you don’t want to miss this channel.
They share offers and deals from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, and other trusted sites.

8. Indian Shopping Deals🇮🇳(ISD)

Like the others, Indian shopping deals are yet another good telegram channel that offers and loots online shopping deals.
They will alert you of the festival deals to ensure that you don’t miss out. Furthermore, they are one of the best admins that regularly provide the best deals and offers on electronic items like headphones, power banks, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. Indian shopping deals have 38K+ subscribers and still growing.

9. Online Shopping Deals & Tricks India🔥

I like it when a channel shares genuine links and shows up the pictures of the products so that we don’t have to click on that link to know what the offer is about. I think “Online Shopping Deals and Tricks India” is one of the most admirable telegram channels that shares exactly what you need from Amazon and Flipkart.

They have 4 thousand subscribers, and I believe they are pretty lucky to have found this channel for the best offers and deals.

10. 🛍 Indian shopping deals🛍

If you like shopping for clothing and grooming products, you should check out Indian shopping deals on telegram. The channel has 2 thousand subscribers and still growing. The admins share products not for men and women, so joining is free and easy if you’re a girl looking for the best loot offers on fashion products.

Whenever the admins share any product link, you will see an image of that, so you don’t have to check the offer.

11. Flipkart Deals Online Shopping Sale☑️

This channel is for those who like to shop from Flipkart. Though the channel is for all kinds of deals and shares the product links from various online sources still it is the best for Flipkart fanboys. Flipkart Deals Online Shopping Sale has more than 57K and growing subscribers.

Furthermore, the channel’s admins are consistently working hard for you and, yeah, for them as well. Whenever you purchase from these links, they get a small amount of commission. That’s a win-win game; in the end, it’s your profit that matters.

12. Online Loots

Online loots are the best channel to get all kinds of loot deals from various online shopping platforms. The channel has more than 7 thousand and still growing subscribers. The admins provide lightning-fast updates from Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, food delivery sites, and other reliable sources.

Loot deals are the deals you don’t want to miss out on, So join the channel and take advantage of the best possible deals on your favorite products and food items.

13. Online Deals on Low Prices (@odolp)

Many people use online shopping regularly to fulfill their daily needs and requirements. Online deals on low prices might be the best channel for regular shoppers. ODOLP has 115k+ subscribers who rely on their offer updates for shopping. The channel has genuine admins, and they also help needy members.

Though they only share links on their main channel, you can get help from their second channel. You can quickly get the link from the channel description.

14. Online Shopping loot deal offer

Joining a good telegram channel that shares the best deals regularly can save a lot of your hard-earned money. Online Shopping loot deal offer does correctly what you want from a good telegram channel for shopping deals.

You will get daily around 20+ deals from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Zomato, and other trusted sites.

Furthermore, they will also provide the tricks to get the maximum possible discount from an e-commerce site.

15. Free Shopping Loots Deals Offers

We can’t stop shopping, but saving money regularly can do wonders for your financial life. “Free Shopping Loots Deals Offers” is the channel that has 51k and growing subscribers.

This channel might be the best for busy people because they don’t share too many links. They provide an update on future deals. Moreover, they also update the best deals available.


Premium Looters is the best channel for loot deals, offers, coupons, and tricks to earn and save money from online shopping. Moreover, the admin is Rk No 1, who shares regular deals from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Paytm, Zomato, Swiggy, and more.

There will be pictures along with the links for a better understanding of the seven thousand+ members. You will get daily around 30 links to the best possible deals and offers.

Furthermore, they share information about flash deals and freebies too. Sometimes, you will get coupons for free recharge also.

17. Ajio Myntra Loot Deals Offers Coupons

Everyone likes to depend on reliable and trustworthy resources. So when it comes to the best and genuine telegram channel that shares online shopping deals, Ajio Myntra Loot Deals Offer Coupons is one of the best.

Saurav Raaz runs this channel and provides daily updates of the lowest price deals from Ajio and Myntra.

Ajio and Myntra both require a coupon to get the maximum discount and you can get those coupons from this channel.

Furthermore, this channel has 196k+ subscribers who rely on his updates for online shopping.
If you like Ajio or Myntra, you should join this channel to stay updated with all the deals and offers of clothing and fashion items.

18. Loot Deals [@magiXdeals]

I’ve never seen a person I don’t want to get the products for a lesser price. Everyone likes to shop from that site that sells for a lower price.

Most online products go on an offer deal, but you must regularly check the site to get that deal. This process is time-consuming so that it is advisable to join a telegram channel that provides the deals and offers for you.

Loot Deals is one of the best telegram channels to get the highest discounts on your favorite products. Moreover, they share how you can get the maximum discounts.

Swiggy and Zomato can get you free foods on an offer, and Loot deals will help you catch all that opportunities. Furthermore, the channel has 39k+ subscribers and counting.

19. Recharge Offers YT ☑️

Though all the listed channels share, the recharge offers sometimes. But, if you were looking for a specific channel to get recharge offers, Recharge Offers YT should be your choice.

YT indicates youtube; the channel has a youtube channel also that leads to more trustworthiness.
49k+ people are relying on the offer updates of this channel. The channel shares deals and offers for mobile recharge, DTH recharge, GAS recharge, etc.

Even if you don’t like shopping, recharge is mandatory for every person, so that you must join this channel to reduce some loads of your expenses.

Moreover, on this channel, you will get screenshots that show the deal is for real and you can get huge discounts on your mobile bills.

20. Online offers

Online offers have 14k+ subscribers; the people love this channel because the offers they share are essential for every house’s needs.

If you don’t want to miss any loot alert or shopping deals for your grocery items, join the online offers and reduce your family’s expenses.

Furthermore, the admin is a genuine person; you can quickly contact him from the channel description.

Transparency leads to trustworthiness, and that is the key to gain more people with you. Online offers might not have many subscribers, but indeed it is a worthy channel to join for online shopping deals.


DC Loots is one of the best telegram channels for online shopping deals if you want to get updates for almost every deal from Amazon and Flipkart. On this channel, you will get around 50+ links for deals on various excellent products. Moreover, they share screenshots and images of the products along with the links.

This channel’s admins are the most hard-working ones, and they don’t miss any fantastic deals to update.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping


Though there are many benefits of shopping online and it also depends on person to person. But here are some of the common advantages you can take while shopping online:

  • You don’t have to go out to any physical stores to buy something.
  • Customers can get huge discounts occasionally or at any festival season.
  • E-commerce sites are available 24×7 so that you can shop whenever you want.
  • There are a vast amount of products available online to compare so you can get your favorite one.
  • You can save a lot with online shopping. The expenses of going out like transportation and other charges are reduced to zero.
  • Shopping online gives you the privilege to track your order. Some e-commerce site also provides an option to choose a date when you want to get your delivery.
  • Nobody will influence you to buy any other product rather than the one you made up your mind. Online shopping is no pressure shopping. You can check how many products you want, and there will be no one to ask for any reason.
  • You can effortlessly return the product if you don’t like which is one of the most significant advantages of shopping online.


Everything that has benefits has its drawbacks too. Here are some of the disadvantages of online shopping:

  • You don’t get to touch or see the product; you can only see the images. While shopping for clothes, this might be a little inconvenient.
  • Amazon and Flipkart are doing great, still there can be delay in delivery in festival season while shopping online.
  • People are missing the old school shopping fun, the joy of going out with friends, family or your loved ones is one of them.
  • Sometimes offline store claims to offer better discounts on some specific products like grocery and daily needs. You should know the both prices to get better deal.
  • Online frauds are increasing daily; many fraud sites can steal your credit card information to misuse it. Therefore you should always shop from a trusted and popular website. 

Wrapping It Up

Online shopping can be addictive as a drug if you don’t watch. I’ve seen people who waste a lot of their precious time on finding these deals and offers. I highly suggest you do not get lost in these channels when you don’t need them; it doesn’t matter how attractive the offer is.

For example: If a product’s regular price is Rs. 1000 and the deal price is Rs. 600 and if you purchase that product for 600 thinking you just saved Rs. 400 in an offer. Did you?

The answer is No. Because if you didn’t have the requirement of that product and still you purchased, in this case, you’ve lost your Rs. 600.

However, the article was about Best Telegram channels for online shopping deals. I don’t just write; I genuinely care for my readers, so I’ve tried to mention every essential factor related to the term online shopping deals and offers. If you find the article helpful, please share it with your loved ones and make them “save” as well.

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