21+ Best YouTube Channels To Learn Investing And Personal Finance

If you save money today, it will save you tomorrow. I’m sure you have heard or read this famous quote before. But there’s a vast difference between saving money and investing the money. You need to understand that saving will not make you rich in the long run. Investing your money will make you rich later. Investing is a must-have skill nowadays, and most people will find it complicated. That is why I’m listing 21+ of the best YouTube channels to learn investing and personal finance.

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” — Paul Samuelson.

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List Of Best YouTube Channels To Learn Investing And Personal Finance

After watching lots of videos on YouTube, I’m listing some of the best channels that will help any beginner learn to invest their money and create wealth in the long run. All these channels are not listed in order of best to worst. Each channel is unique and provides different information and knowledge that will add variety to your learning skills.

1. Warikoo – 1.07 Millon Subscribers

Whenever it comes to investing and personal finance I’ll list Warikoo every time. There’s a reason I watch for myself to learn investing and personal finance.

This is my personal favorite; Ankur Warikoo runs it, and it is the only non-monetized channel on the list. The advantage is that there will be no advertisements in between the videos.

Ankur Warikoo is a business owner, financial speaker, and angel investor. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, he posts videos about personal finance, career advice, and startups.

The videos are available in both Hindi and English. Ankur Warikoo’s channel appeals to me because he provides genuine and unbiased personal advice based on his life experiences.

2. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade – 3. 16 Million Subscribers

CA Rachna’s YouTube channel is the best place to learn about investing and financial management. Rachna is a seasoned Chartered Accountant; she was also a teacher with over ten years of experience, which is reflected in her videos.

Rachna provides complete share market information for beginners in the most straightforward manner possible. Furthermore, on her channel, you will get a comprehensive fundamental analysis of the stocks and upcoming IPOs.

She posts videos in simple Hindi about stock markets, mutual fund investments, cryptocurrency, retirement plans, and other topics. You will also find a playlist for each financial category as well as her masterclasses.

There’s a reason she has 2.98 million subscribers and is still growing. You will subscribe to her anyway if you’re willing to learn investing and personal finance.

3. Akshat Shrivastava – 549K Subscribers

Akshat Shrivastava joined YouTube on August 24, 2020, and has already received 18,021,469 views. That is already quite an accomplishment. Until then, he had 416K subscribers, and that number is still growing.

Akshat has put in a lot of time and effort to create such fantastic content for his YouTube channel. He posts videos on how to learn the stock market, cryptocurrency, financial management, and other topics.

Furthermore, he shares fundamental and technical stock analysis based on his lifelong experiences. His videos are both informative and motivating. Akshat also shares case studies of various finance stories that draw viewers’ attention to the stock market.

4. Labour Law Advisor – 2.1 Million Subscribers

Labour Law Advisor, or LLA, is a popular YouTube channel founded on August 12, 2017 by Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill. Every Tuesday and Friday, they post videos about Business & Labor Laws and Finance & Investment, respectively.

If you work in a corporate setting, this channel will help you understand the tactics behind labour laws and how you can improve your financial situation.

They do, however, go live on Instagram to answer all of your questions about financial management and stock market investing. Don’t forget to also follow the channel on Instagram.

5. Pranjal Kamra – 3.21 Million Subscribers

Pranjal kamra is a well known financial advisor and YouTuber who make videos for beginner to advance level investors. If you’re into trading you can find other channels on YouTube, but if you are willing to learn long-term investing then Pranjal kamra is one of the best channels you can watch.

This is, without a doubt, the best YouTube channel to learn investing and personal finance. It makes no difference whether you have a business background or not; you can still make money by investing in stock markets.

Pranjal’s area of expertise is investing, and he has written a book called Investonomy based on his six years of experience. You can buy if you want, or you can learn most things by watching a playlist of your choice. At last, Long-term stock market investment is the best way to profit from the market. If you have patience, you will soon be wealthy.

6. Saloni Srivastava – 391K Subscribers

Saloni Srivastava is the channel I would like to suggest for people who want to become their own boss. Saloni is an EdTech entrepreneur, lifestyle YouTuber, and TEDx Speaker based in Bengaluru, India.

This channel is very unique from other financial YouTube channels. On this channel, you will learn how to start up your business from scratch, along with Saloni’s personal life experiences. However, Saloni Srivastava might be the best YouTube Channel to learn investing and personal finance.

Furthermore, Saloni talks about minimalism, and she will teach you how you can save a lot of money from your daily expenses.

7. HDFC Mutual Fund – 48.2K Subscribers

I’ve watched every single video of Krishan Sharma and how he narrates his life experienced knowledge any beginner can understand very easily. If you’re a beginner in the investing profession, you should start your journey by watching his videos on the HDFC Mutual Fund channel.

“Bachat, Nivesh Aur Aap,” a web series by Krishan Sharma from HDFC Mutual Fund, covers the fundamentals of saving, investing, and mutual funds to help you become a better investor on your investment journey. However, this is a SEBI registered YouTube channel in the list.

Moreover, Krishan uses the Hindi language that any person in India can easily understand and learn how to save money to make money independently.

8. Groww – 1.13 Million Subscribers

Groww is a popular YouTube channel that covers every aspect of the stock market. It has 1 million subscribers. Groww started out as an investing app in April 2016. The app is now thriving, allowing users to invest directly from their smartphones.

Groww launched its official YouTube channel on June 23, 2017, in order to provide more value to its users. You will learn everything there is to know about the stock market and investing. Groww posts videos in English that are simple enough for a beginner to understand.

Furthermore, the Groww team has created a number of playlists that cover a variety of stock market investment topics. If you’re looking for professionals, the Groww YouTube channel has their thoughts and ideas.

You can learn everything there is to know about investing in the stock market and picking better stocks on your own. On this channel, professionals mostly teach technical and fundamental analysis, which you will quickly learn.

9. Asset Yogi – 2.74 Million Subscribers

The Asset Yogi name accurately describes his channel’s niche. By investing in the stock market, mutual funds, real estate, and trading, you will receive the entire playlist, complete with minor details. By watching their videos, any beginner can quickly learn the stock market.

Everybody needs to be financially educated to improve their quality of living. For this purpose, Asset Yogi is one of the finest YouTube channels you should watch.

Furthermore, Asset Yogi uploads videos on financial issues and guides that we face in our daily lives. You will learn almost everything there is to know about financial investments and career advancement.

10. Invest Mindset – 486K Subscribers

Invest Mindset is one of the best YouTube channels to learn investing and personal finance that believes “Investing is not risky; lack of knowledge is.”

Most people don’t know how compounding works, especially in the stock market; they don’t know how they are affected by the rising inflation every year. To spread awareness of financial management, Invest Mindset is doing a great job by its YouTube channel.

However, the channel is not SEBI registered, but you will get every bit of knowledge about investing in the stock market and mutual funds through the animation videos. You will also know value investing and what will be the future of investing along with cryptocurrencies.

11. B wealthy – 428K Subscribers

B wealthy is a financial YouTube channel run by Swait Kumari, who is dedicated to sharing information about making more money by investing their money.

Most people want to become rich, but they don’t know how to do it. Swati believes that anyone can be rich by starting early. Moreover, she knows the power of compounding and will teach you how to make a lot of money till retirement.

However, Swati is not a SEBI registered advisor and tells everything based on her lifelong experiences, but you will learn so much about growing money from her. How to choose better stocks, how to retire rich, and how compounding works, you will learn way more than this by watching her videos.

12. Honestly By Tanmay Bhat – 748K Subscribers

Honestly Tanmay Bhat, a well-known comedian, runs the show. He’s the type of guy who says anything and everyone laughs. Tanmay is not your typical comedian. He’s a multi-talented gamer, streamer, writer, and investor, among other things.

He has another gaming channel, but he created this one to share financial knowledge based on his own experiences. I was blown away by his knowledge of financial management while watching his first investing video. Any beginner can easily understand how he represents his thoughts.

This channel is still in its early stages, so there may not be many videos on stock market investing. But I’m confident that more useful videos are on the way to teach you everything about how you can become successful by investing.

13. Abhi And Niyu – 1.89 Million Subscribers

Abhi and Niyu are husband and wife and one of my favorite YouTube channels to learn investing and personal finance along with Indian culture and more.

Abhi and Niyu is the unique YouTube channel on the list, and you can learn way more than just investing and trading. The creators of this channel make some genuine efforts on their research that also shows up in their videos.

The kind of information they share is essential and unbiased that every Indian should know.
Furthermore, after watching this channel’s videos, you will become a better person financially and also mentally. They are on a mission to make India Positive, healthy and wealthy. You surely don’t want to miss out on subscribing to this channel.

14. The Urban Fight – 2.71 Million Subscribers

Taskeen Fatima Basha is the CEO of skillo and the owner of The Urban Fight. Everyone wants to become healthy, wealthy, and wise but, they don’t know how to do so. On The Urban Fight, you will learn everything related to personal and financial development.

I’m listing this channel because the unique ideas she shares help people in many ways.
However, this is a Hindi-based channel, and you can learn English along with health and personal finance.

15. The Alpha Trader – 47.9K Subscribers

The alpha trader is very dedicated and one of the best YouTube channels to learn investing and personal finance. If you want to learn the stock market from scratch and become a trader or investor, this is the best channel you should watch.

You will learn how taxation works on the stock market and how to choose better stocks, mutual funds, compounding effects on investing, and more.

Moreover, you will also learn how to stay positive and become an investor, not a gambler. Though financial investments involve risks, you will learn how to minimize those risks with the alpha trader.

16. SIDDHARTH BHANUSHALI – 637K Subscribers

The person behind this YouTube channel is Siddharth Bhanushali. He is a professional stock market investor who shares his knowledge on the channel. Siddharth is doing an excellent job for those who are new to investing in the stock market.

He uses Hindi in his videos to help beginners understand the fundamentals of the stock market. For those who are more interested in stock market trading, this channel will be the best on the list.

Swing, option, intraday, and other trading methods are available to help you achieve financial stability. Furthermore, Siddharth provides technical analysis of the stocks, which will assist you in selecting the right stock before investing.

The stock market is not easy to navigate, but after watching the videos on this channel, you will have the confidence to begin your investing journey. I’ll list this channel every time I will have to write content on investing and personal finance.

However, Siddharth Bhanushali teaches stock market trading rather than a long-term investment. I’m pretty sure most of you will find his channel helpful too.

17. Mukul Agrawal- 799K Subscribers

Mukul Agrawal’s goal is to make money for his viewers so that they can all live happy lives. This is the best YouTube channel I can recommend if you want to learn how to be both an investor and a trader.

However, trading and investing, on the other hand, should not be done concurrently. If you are one of those people who want to do so, this is your channel. At last, you should acquire knowledge to earn from every possible way, you never know which will suit you the best.

The equities will be subjected to a technical and fundamental investigation. This channel is the most up-to-date in terms of stock market news. This YouTube channel is not for beginners, but for investors and traders, it is the greatest.

18. Sunil Minglani- 898K Subscribers

Sunil Minglani, a well-known expert on the behavioral aspects of stock markets, has now decided to apply the same human principles to life transformation and mentoring.
He has extensive experience analyzing stock and chart patterns, which he has co-related deeper with human psychological patterns.

Furthermore, he possesses an inherent ability to combine wit and humor to convey life-changing philosophical notes to help you become financially stable. You will get market news, financial advice, and much more information on investing in the stock market.

Moreover, he takes masterclasses, where you can ask any financial query and doubts on the stock market.

19. Kundan Kishore – 105K Subscribers

Kundan Kishore has extensive experience in stock market investing and trading. He runs a YouTube channel where he discusses various stock markets and trading strategies.

Nothing, according to Kundan, can trump the power of knowledge. As a result, he shares everything in his videos to help beginners learn stock trading from the ground up. People who are interested in swing trading can obtain a comprehensive playlist of educational videos that will assist them in making more money.

Furthermore, he discusses the Indian economy, facts, and information about the stock market, and he is consistent in his efforts to raise awareness. And, that reason got me to list this channel to learn investing and personal finance.

20. Fin Baba – 492K Subscribers

I’ve listed many YouTube channels that will help you learn how to make money by investing your money. Adding different channels that have strong and specialized knowledge in different types of investing.

All of those YouTube channels have some special knowledge in some categories. Fin Baba is suitable for long-term investing. One might be better for cryptocurrency, but this one is for mutual fund investing. However, you can count on this channel if you want to invest in a mutual fund and learn about forex, tax-saving, and trading options.

21. Minority Mindset – 1.11 Million Subscribers

Though Minority Mindset is not a Hindi channel, I couldn’t resist adding this channel to the list only because of the quality of the content it provides. Minority Mindset will educate you on saving, making, and investing your money to make you rich by compounding.

I personally found this channel for learning real estate and liked it very much. Along with the investments, you will also learn how to become confident and a better person.

Furthermore, some videos will teach you how to make money and give you some small tips that will help you grow faster financially.

22. Marko – WhiteBoard Finance – 724K Subscribers

Yet another one of the best YouTube channels to learn financial management and investing from the United States. Marko shares information in English because it’s not an Indian channel, but I’m listing it for its valuable content.

I will highly suggest this channel to learn stock market investing, real estate, and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, If you’re into crypto, Marko shares incredible information, and analysis based on his research and experiences. Watching this channel will indeed help you learn to invest in the stock market and real estate.

Bottom Line

Learning about investing and personal finance theoretically seems easy, but you might make mistakes at the very beginning. That is why starting small is always a good idea.
At last, I would suggest you have patience, resilience, be perseverant, and your time will come.

However, the article was about the best YouTube channels to learn investing and personal finance, which is compulsory knowledge that every individual should acquire. I’ve tried to cover every essential topic that beginners should know before starting their investing journey.

I hope you found the article and the list helpful. If you did, share it with your loved ones. If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to write down your valuable words in the comment section below.

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