10 Best Telegram Channels For Positional Trading

Here I’m listing the 7 Best telegram channels for positional trading. If you’re looking for long-term trading, then positional trading might be the best option for you. 

Positional trading allows you to invest in the stock market without facing the problems like intraday trading.

Though any trading involves risk, there are some strategies you can follow to minimize the risk factors in positional trading. 

The more you learn, the more you earn without taking the damages in the stock market.

Thus, a telegram channel will help you learn positional trading better and choose better stocks simultaneously. 

If you face difficulty finding the listed telegram channels directly through the given link, please try searching the channel name on your telegram app.

List Of Best Telegram Channels For Positional Trading

You must understand that positional trading is a long-term investment, and admins must update the report daily to keep the channel updated. That’s why they share calls about others trading like intraday and swing trading too.

I am listing the best telegram channels for positional trading that will surely help you gain profits by investing in the stock market for the long term.

While making the list of telegram channels for positional trading, I made sure the following points:

  • The channel is consistent in providing the update about the stocks.
  • Admin is transparent, and he is all open to answer your queries.
  • You can get free calls and tips without taking their premium subscription. So you can understand the stock market strategies for free.
  • They do care for their members, so they share their knowledge and unbiased perspective about the stocks.

1. Positional Trading In Stock Market

Positional Trading in Stock Market is a telegram channel where you will learn to identify the best stock to invest in for the long term. 

The channel has more than 2k members. The admin’s name is Pranab Addaak; he is not just genuine but polite too. Whenever you feel like you need help, you can ping him directly on your telegram app.

Besides getting the news for positional trading, you will get calls and tips for intraday trading too.

2. Wealth Citi

Wealth Citi is a top-rated telegram channel for the stock market and multiple trading purposes. Along with positional trading, you will get calls for intraday, swing, and options trading. 

They provide calls with valid data and technical charts for your better understanding. By joining the channel, you will learn all the strategies and tactics of the stock market. Soon you’ll start earing by taking the calls and researching by yourself.

The channel has more than 40k members. Though the joining is free, they do provide their premium plans where you’ll be prioritized by the admins and get better calls and tips.

3. JackpotTradeX

I always suggest that you do not have to fall for the subscriber’s count of any telegram channel. Sometimes they might be fake so beware of that. 

Trade With RS has got only 1200+ subscribers, but the channel is worth joining if you want truthful information. They provide calls for positional and intraday trading.

They also provide a proper stop-loss strategy for options trading. So the beginners won’t have to face the consequences in options trading.

4. Swing & Positional Stocks

And here comes yet another most popular telegram channel for positional trading.

As by name Swing & Positional Stocks, they do provide excellent views for the stocks accordingly. 

The channel has got more than 76 thousand subscribers. If someone is interested in only swing and positional trading, this channel is incredibly best for them. 

You will get consistent calls and tips along with their views. They provide accurate charts and technical graphs with images for the members. 

5. Blasting Calls

If you want to invest in positional trading, then this channel is all you need. Blasting Calls is unique from the other telegram channels in the list. 

They are genuine and what they share about the stock market is too much information or view. 

They also post motivational stuff for their 11 thousand subscribers. You won’t regret joining Blasting calls for positional or intraday trading.

6. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

Stockpro Official is the only SEBI registered telegram channel on the list. Dr. Seem Jain is a SEBI registered analyst, and she founded this channel. 

If you are a beginner and want to learn the stock market from scratch, your search ends here; this is the channel for you. You will get daily views from the professionals (StockPro official team).

Whenever you have any query or problem, you can get a free consultation from them.
StockPro official is a multi-purpose channel that provides information about the stock market, intraday, swing, and positional trading along with an S-L strategy.

7. Wealtho: Swing&positional stocks ( Positional Trading)

Wealtho is a telegram channel that provides consistent calls and views about swing and positional stocks. 

Investing in positional stocks is a good idea for those working professionals who are busy and want to earn from a side hustle.

Though the admins are not SEBI registered analysts, they are authentic and give their 4 thousand members accurate reports.

They have mentioned that you need to take advice from your financial advisor before making any investment based on their calls. But those calls will contribute help to your study about the stock market.

8. Retailers ki Family – Positional Trading calls

Retailers ki family is yet another good telegram channel for positional calls. As I mentioned earlier, while listing the channels, I ensured that the channel was consistent in providing updates. And, Retailers ki family is no different, which is a good thing. They have 1,968 Subscribers till I’m writing this.

Apart from giving positional calls, the admins also share trendy news about the stock market.

Though I don’t think paying someone for premium calls is a good idea, they do have their premium subscriptions. They claim buying their premium subscriptions will get you more chances of profits. Remember, the admins of Retailers ki family are not SEBI registered, and they will not be responsible for any profit or loss of yours.

9. Share Trading Intraday & Positional

Share Trading Intraday & Positional has one of the enormous numbers of subscribers on the list. They are reaching almost 30K subscribers. Though that doesn’t matter that much, it still proves that they have put some effort into their channel.

You will get daily updates on intraday and positional trading. They research and try to provide accurate calls that can make profits for the subscribers.

However, I found the admins are very polite, and they do take responsibility whenever something goes wrong.

Besides, they also have their premium plans; it’s up to you if you’re serious about your trading, you can take it.

10. Positional Alerts by MarketSecrets

Positional Alerts by MarketSecrets has only 642 subscribers on its telegram channel by the time I’m writing this article. This channel aims to offer live updates anytime a new positional trade is triggered/closed via MarketSecrets’ Monthly Levels File.

I like the part that they have specialized knowledge in positional trading. That’s why you can rely on their posts along with cross-checking and using your common sense.

Furthermore, MarketSecrets have a dedicated website for positional trading where they provide training to beginners and whoever wants to learn positional trading.

However, apart from the positional calls from the telegram channel, you can also get the “monthly levels file” from their website for free. All these specialties make MarketSecrets one of the best telegram channels for positional trading.

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Bottom Line

The article was about the best telegram channels for positional trading.

I’ve tried to cover every critical factor while listing the channels, so you don’t have to face any consequences after joining any random channel.

All the listed telegram channels are genuine, and they give regular updates about positional trading and the stock market.

In conclusion, I hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to follow any telegram channel blindly. I'll not be responsible for your direct or indirect monetary loss. Please take advice from your financial advisor before making any investment in the stock market. 
Do you own or manage an awesome Telegram channel for Stock Market?

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