7 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Swing Trading [July Best Picks]

Swing trading is considered the most accessible form of trading. It is easy and less stressful than the other tradings like intraday and optional trading. If you’re a beginner and want to earn from the stock market, you should start with swing trading. I’m listing here the seven best YouTube channels to learn swing trading.

YouTube is not just a source of entertainment; when it comes to learning something, YouTube is the best for it. Many channels are available that share their experiences about trading and the stock market. Before we dive into the list of best YouTube channels to learn swing trading, we should know a little about swing trading and what are its pros and cons.

What Is Swing Trading?

Trading is a buying and selling game; we have to buy lower-priced stocks and sell them at high prices. That’s how we secure our profit margins.

Likewise, in swing trading, we buy stocks at a low price and sell them at higher prices after holding them for a minimum of 3 days to 5 days. The time interval can depend on the situation; sometimes, the holding can go up to one month.

Although anyone can do swing trading, it is most suited for working professionals, students, or homemakers. We choose highly fundamental stocks for swing trading, so it is less risky than the other trading.

Pros Of Swing Trading

  • Swing trading is beginner-friendly and less risky than other tradings.
  • It is less time-consuming than other trading styles.
  • Swing trading demands less time commitment.
  • You can earn consistently without holding stocks for a long time.
  • Swing trading requires 15 to 30 minutes per day, so you don’t have to leave your 9 to 5 job.
  • You can easily make 5% to 10% of good returns in short-time intervals. 

Cons Of Swing Trading

  • Swing trading involves overnight risk; even if you’re a pro trader, you can’t escape some risks.
  • You need to do proper fundamental and technical analysis before buying the stocks; otherwise, that can be a risk.
  • Patience is required in swing trading; most people can’t afford it.
  • Speculation factor.
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List Of 7 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Swing Trading

Here’s the list of some of the finest YouTube channels that will help you learn about swing trading from scratch. You will get informative videos and everything you need to know to become a thriving trader.

1. SIDDHARTH BHANUSHALI – 1.03 Million Subscribers

Siddharth Bhanushali is a veteran stock market trader and coach; he has more than ten years of experience in this profession.

His YouTube channel is all about the stock market and trading. Furthermore, Siddharth made videos for absolute beginners who don’t know anything about stock market trading.

Siddharth and his team’s mission is to impact the financial life of 1 crore Indian families before 31st December 2025.

Though he uploads videos for all types of trading styles like intraday, options, and positional, you can also learn swing trading from his YouTube channel.

Moreover, Siddharth also shares the fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks, which will help you buy better stocks for your swing trading.

2. Neeraj Joshi – 2.55 Million Subscribers

Neeraj Joshi himself is the person behind this channel. He is a stock market investor, trader, and YouTuber as well. You will find everything you need to know about the stock market and trading.

If you’re looking for swing trading, he has uploaded videos about it in Hindi. His videos on swing trading are some of the best on YouTube to teach you the basics and how you can start swing trading by yourself.

Moreover, Neeraj makes videos of live trading examples that are very helpful for his beginner audience. His narrations and teaching style will leave you no doubts about trading or stock market investing. Besides, also shares motivational summaries and successful stories related to stock market trading that will help you get one step closer to your goals.

It is always advisable to get only ideas about any YouTuber’s suggestions or analysis. Use your brain or take advice from your financial advisor before trading or investing. Nobody will be responsible for any monetary loss you face in stock trading.

3. Trading Chanakya – 430K Subscribers

Trading Chanakya is an excellent option if you want to learn swing trading from scratch. Anmol has made a complete playlist for Options, Intraday, swing trading, and stock market investing. He makes videos for beginners to experienced individuals.

I like Trading Chanakya because there’s a separate playlist of short videos for the stock market and trading. Different people share different investment experiences, and you need to learn from everyone if you want to do good in the stock market.

Furthermore, on Trading Chanakya, you will get a fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks to help you choose what is best for you.

4. Nitin Bhatia – 1.00 Million Subscribers

Nitin Bhatia is the person behind the channel. He covers the stock market, real estate, personal finance, mutual funds, and everything that will help you earn money.

Nitin shares videos about strategies to choose the right stocks and for trading also.

Moreover, you will find all the FAQs and reasons about how the stock market and trading works. You must know the reasons for why this or that happens to do good in the trading profession.

To learn the swing trading strategies, you should check out his channel.

5. Kundan Kishore – 185K Subscribers

Kundan Kishore is highly experienced in stock market investing and the trading profession. He runs his YouTube channel, where he talks about the different stock markets and trading strategies.

Kundan believes, nothing can beat the power of knowledge. That is why he shares everything in his videos to help beginners learn stock trading from scratch. People interested in swing trading can get a complete playlist of informative videos that will help them make more money.

Moreover, he talks about the Indian economy, facts, and information about the stock market, and he’s consistent in spreading awareness.

6. TREND TRADER KARAN – 295K Subscribers

Karan is an independent professional trader. His channel name is Trend Trader Karan, where he focuses on making videos for beginners interested in the stock market and trading.
I’m listing this channel because Karan has made a playlist only for swing trading, and you’ll be amazed by his knowledge and experience.

Trend Trader Karan also tells you how you can be an intelligent trader and make money by swing or intraday trading. Moreover, you will get fundamental and technical analysis from his experience, teaching you to choose the right stocks.

7. Trade Swings – 248K Subscribers

Here comes yet another one of the best YouTube channels on the list to learn swing trading. Trade swing uploads videos, especially on swing trading.

You will also get videos for options and intraday trading strategies to make you profit without losing your capital gains. Furthermore, you will learn every famous strategy that veteran traders use, such as candlestick, moving average technique, and indicators.

Trade swings will teach you everything about trading and investing that you should know to become a successful trader.

Final Words

Risk is the most popular side-effect of stock trading, and you can not avoid it. Though swing trading is a most beginner-friendly trading style, you still need to learn a lot before investing your hard-earned money. That’s why I’ve shared the seven best YouTube Channels To Learn Swing Trading.

However, I’ve tried to cover everything you need to know before invest in swing trading. Still, if you’ve any queries or suggestions regarding swing trading, please feel free to write down your words in the comment section.

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