12+ Best Dropshipping Telegram Group Links [July 2023]

Best dropshipping Telegram group links: Following the pandemic, the majority of people want to start a business. The reason could also be the rising unemployment rate in the country. Finding a job is getting more challenging, so starting a business online is a smart option. Starting a dropshipping business could be a great idea if you find yourself in this situation.

However, if you are running a dropshipping business or want to start one, you might require some help. You can join a Telegram group for a dropshipping business to get the best advice.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment strategy where a store doesn’t maintain inventory of the goods it sells. Instead, it purchases from a third party and arranges for the item to be delivered to the customer. As a result, the seller is relieved of direct product management.

Dropshipping and the traditional retail model differ because the selling merchant does not stock or own inventory. Instead, the seller buys inventory as needed from a third party to fill orders, typically a wholesaler or manufacturer.

In short, if you start a dropshipping business, you don’t have to care about the following:

  • Inventory or the handling of the products.
  • the manufacturing of the products.
  • Shipping
  • And most importantly, you don’t have to invest money until you get orders. So, no risk of monetary losses.

Dropshipping businesses are low risk because they require little capital to get started. A seller can sell products to customers here without incurring high stock levels.

What is a Dropshipping Telegram channel or group?

A Dropshipping Telegram channel provides the information that will help you grow your dropshipping business. The channel will also share essential information related to marketing, customer behavior, and news for eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran in dropshipping business. Joining a dropshipping Telegram channel will help you grow anyway.

A dropshipping Telegram channel will provide you with the necessary information and assistance regarding marketing tactics and customer behavior. You will be unable to interact with other subscribers who share your interests.

In contrast, in a dropshipping Telegram group, you can ask questions and get advice from experienced members. Thus, joining a dropshipping Telegram group will be more beneficial if you’re a beginner.

How to join a Dropshipping Telegram Group?

Joining a dropshipping Telegram group or channel is very easy. All you have to follow these simple points:

  • First, you must install the Telegram app to join a Telegram channel. You can easily download that from  “Google Play Store” if you’re an Android user.
  • However, you can Install the Telegram app from the App Store” if you’re an iPhone user.
  • Create your Telegram account if you haven’t.
  • You can use your mobile number to create a telegram account quickly.
  • Later, launch the Telegram app, minimize it, and navigate to the links I’ve provided. You’ll be automatically redirected to the best Dropshipping Telegram group or channel.
  • If the links are not working for any reason, you can manually search by typing the name of the telegram channel or group.

Top Dropshipping Telegram Group Links June 2023

Group NameGroup Link
1. Drop Shipping Group Group Link
2. Shopify Dropshipping Knowledge GroupGroup Link
3. Dropshipping/wholesale groupGroup Link
4. eCOM TODAY Ecommerce | ENG CommunityGroup Link
5. Shopify IndiaGroup Link
6. Indian E-Commerce Wholsaler B2B Group Online ProductGroup Link
8. Learn Ecommerce with SunilGroup Link
Best Telegram Group Links For Dropshipping Business.

Best Dropshipping Telegram Channel Links

Channel NameChannel Link
1. The Ecom King – NewsChannel Link
2. MWS-My Wholesale Store™ Dropshipping & ResellChannel Link
4. Ali Shipping Indian DropshippingChannel Link
5. Ecommerce BazarChannel Link
6. Drop ShippingChannel Link
7. Dropshiping stock updatesChannel Link
Best Telegram Channel Links For Dropshipping Business.


One of the best ways to make money online is through drop shipping. In fact, many people are making a lot of money from their online stores.

Many people start their dropshipping businesses, but only 10% of them succeed. Because of this, competition is also rising.

Most people sell the same products for very low-profit margins, making the business competitive. To succeed in a dropshipping business, you must conduct extensive research and sell unique, high-quality products.

However, if you fully commit yourself to it, you can thrive in a dropshipping business. Join those dropshipping telegram groups and channels to improve your knowledge about marketing and selling online.

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