9 Best Telegram Channel For Options Trading [Best Picks]

I’ve listed the 9 best telegram channel for options trading if you’re excited to trade options.

Joining telegram channels can help a beginner in various ways. You’ll find like-minded people, and there will be beginner to veteran traders. You can connect with them and can gain some helpful knowledge about options trading.

Though the profit margins are enormous, many investors skip options trading because they find it hard to understand, and some find it risky. For beginners, it is advisable to take some experiences by something called virtual or paper trading.

List Of Best Telegram Channel For Options Trading

Various people require various telegram channels. You might be watching for some calls and put follow-ups or might want to study the behavior of the market. In both scenarios, there will be different telegram channel which suits you best according to your necessity.

These are the best telegram channels for options trading, according to many reputed traders. Join them according to your need.

If you cannot get to these listed channels directly through the link, try finding their names directly on the telegram app.


Stock master is a telegram channel with 60k+ subscribers. This channel is genuine and provides excellent news about options trading.

Most people have found stock master very helpful and reported some great reviews about the channel. You should stay at least one week to see the performance of this channel.


OptionsTraders is old and trusted by over 4000 traders, and you’ll get to know by joining the channel. This channel provides trades for stock and index options. There will be no joining fee to connect like-minded people to this channel.


Ghanshyam tech is one of the most popular trading channels on telegram. I’ve personally read good reviews about this channel. Ghanshyam tech also has a separate support channel. You can join both channels by typing the name on the search bar.

The admins are so genuine; they have mentioned they are not SEBI registered analysts. So you should always contact your financial advisor before taking any calls by the group.

Even though the registered analysts do not run the channel, most people have got great returns. The admins have got some real experience with trading.


As by name wealth, this channel creates some wealth by providing the accuracy of calls and tips.

More than forty thousand people are trusting this channel for its trading news.
You can rely on Wealth Citi to generate some wealth remotely sitting in your city.


FNO advisory is a popular telegram channel for options trading. There are no joining or consultation charges. So do not hesitate to go there and meet up with amazing like-minded people and generate some wealth.


You can’t be wrong with more than 85 thousand people. Even though the admins say the channel is for educational purposes only, you will get great news to simplify your trading journey.


The options club’s sole purpose was to get options traders together in one place. And the channel was able to successfully gathered more than five thousand subscribers.

They provide excellent calls and tips for the nifty and index options. You’ll indeed find this channel helpful along with those 5k like-minded people.


This telegram channel has more than 75 thousand traders around the globe. If you’re a beginner and want to study the stock market behaviors, join it as it’s free.

There is indeed a premium subscription available for this channel but don’t make decisions on your own.


Again a trusted channel by some veteran traders. You can rely on their calls and views for educational purposes. By the way, you should always listen to your instincts and make financial decisions according to your advisor.

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Bottom Line

Options trading is the riskiest form of investment, but at the same time, it can give you huge profits too.

This trading is not for beginners, of course, so do not start on your own, and that is why I’ve written this post. Join the channels and gain some experience until you’re capable of making you are confident enough to make your financial decisions.

The post was about the best telegram channel for options trading. The best telegram channel is nothing but a group of best and like-minded people with whom you can progress your trading journey.
All these listed channels are free, so join them and let us know which channel you find the best for options trading.


Totally Relying on a telegram channel is not a wise move in any way. Always consult your financial advisor before making any move in options trading. And expect loss and profit equally to be emotionally substantial. Exercise your trading instincts, and you'll be successful for sure, all the very best.

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