15 Best Telegram Channels For BankNifty [100% Free Calls]

BankNifty is very popular among young investors who want to make a quick profit in less time. BankNifty is a highly volatile market. Thus it is not very beginner-friendly. One must know how to do a technical and fundamental analysis of the market to create profits. I’m listing here the 15 best telegram channels for BankNifty to help a beginner learn and trade in Bank Nifty.

Joining a Telegram channel can help a beginner in many ways. You can get calls and put options based on the admin’s view, Although it is you who have to decide whether to put your money or not. In the end, after watching the channel, you will acquire enough knowledge to make investment decisions on your own. And that is the whole primary idea of writing this article.

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List Of Best Telegram Channels For BankNifty

Though many telegram channels exist for Bank Nifty, finding a trustworthy channel might not be easy. That’s why, after doing my research, I’ve found these 15 telegram channels to be the most trusted ones.

Tip - If you have any difficulty finding any listed channel through the link, please search the channel name directly on your telegram app.


WOLF OF TRADERS is one of the largest trading channels on the telegram that provides calls and tips for trading and investing as well. It has over 12k subscribers for a reason.

You will get daily posts for investing tips and trading calls. They always say that their research calls are for educational purposes only. But most people make a good profit by following them. You can also make a good profit, but first, observe their calls and watch how the market works. Later you’ll learn all the terms related to trading, only then start trading and after taking advice from some expert analyst.

2. Banknifty Nifty Stock Options

With more than 470K+ subscribers, “Banknifty NIfty Stock options” is one of the best telegram channels for bank nifty. You will get daily 20 to 30 post notifications along with 2 to 6 calls.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or a beginner; this channel would be the best for you if you’re looking for hardcore bank nifty trading. Daily bank nifty calls are beneficial for veterans who don’t want to research and analyze the market. Besides, joining the channel is also helpful for a beginner, so he can learn how to trade bank nifty.

Moreover, you’ll get calls and advice for IPO, future, options, index, nifty, and BankNifty too. The admins are genuine, and they are always ready to help you whenever you require. You can also get their premium services to learn about the stock market, commodities and trading too.

3. Best Intraday Calls | INTRADAYGEEKS

I respect the channels that want to help people by being transparent and without providing any paid services. There are very few left, but IntradayGeeks is one of the best channels for banknifty. IntradayGeeks has around 8K+ subscribers, and joining is free for now. You will get at least 2 to 10 calls daily for bank nifty trading.

Furthermore, this channel primarily focuses on providing tips for intraday trading in bank nifty. Thus it would be beneficial to those who are interested in intraday trading. I believe joining a specific channel for the specified type of trading is the best idea.

4. Kabir Banknifty

Yet another one of the best telegram channels for banknifty is Kabir Banknifty. With more than 442k+ subscribers, Kabir Banknifty is a telegram channel that provides calls for banknifty only. They claim above 85% accuracy, and their target is 100/150 POINTS with 20/30 POINTS SL.

Furthermore, they also offer premium services, where you can get better chances of earning with minimal losses. Besides, if you’re a beginner, joining the channel will eventually help you learn the bank nifty tactics. The analysts are not SEBI registered, thus take calls at your own risk.

5. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

The only SEBI-registered telegram channel on the list is Stockpro Official. This channel was developed by Dr. Seema Jain, a SEBI registered analyst. If you’re a complete novice who wants to understand the stock market from the ground up, this is the channel for you. Professional opinions will be provided on a daily basis (StockPro official team).

However, you can obtain a free consultation from them if you have a question or a concern. StockPro official is a multi-purpose channel that offers stock market information, intraday, swing, and bank nifty, as well as an S-L method.

You’ll get calls for every type of trading and investing along with the bank nifty. You should definitely check out the stockpro official if you’re into investing or trading.


If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Thus if you’re a veteran investor or a beginner who wants to learn bank nifty, you should check out this channel. BANKNIFTY CE & PE SURESHOT LEARNING has more than 56k subscribers and growing. They provide calls and advice for bank nifty trading and predictions.

Though the admins are not SEBI registered analysts and do not claim accuracy, most people earn well by following their calls. Moreover, you’ll get calls with images for earning proofs as well. I suggest this channel to those who want to learn bank nifty from scratch.

7. VR Technical (Banknifty-nifty option)

All the listed channels provide free calls and tips for bank nifty and other trading and investing too. I’ve made sure that you don’t need to pay any money for joining the channel or calls. Still, few channels claim to provide even better calls for their premium services. Most people found those services helpful, and most of them didn’t find any differences. It is up to you whether to take the paid membership or not. I’ll leave that on you.

Besides, VR Technical is one of the best telegram channels for banknifty. You’ll get a lot of calls daily. The admins claim to provide over 80% accuracy. However, they’ve got 11K Subscribers for a reason.

Joining is absolutely free and so are getting calls for intraday and options trading in bank nifty or nifty.

8. Nifty Intraday Trading

With more than 34K subscribers, Nifty Intraday trading is one of the best telegram channels for banknifty. I’ve shared channels for options trading in bank nifty. This channel is especially for those who want to trade intraday in bank nifty and nifty.

You’ll get proper stop-loss and target that will prevent you from losing your capital on this channel. Unlike some other channels, Nifty Intraday trading also provides its paid membership, where you will get the privilege to get early access to calls and tips.

9. Banknifty nifty options trade

Options trading is the riskiest investment because your money might be multiplied by 100 or lost entirely. That is why people who trade options do not appreciate conducting intraday or other types of trading. Banknifty nifty options trade has only 1.2K subscribers, but they consistently provide free calls for nifty and bank nifty.

Don’t judge the channel based on the number of subscribers. You’ll get accurate and astonishing calls that might be better than most of the popular channels.

If you’re a risk-taker and like to trade options in bank nifty, this is the right channel that you don’t want to miss out on. Furthermore, you can get premium membership at a reasonable price, with that you can get early access and some better calls for your trading.


I’ve noticed that channels with a lower subscriber base provide consistent and better calls than the popular ones most of the time. NIFTY, BANKNIFTY & EQUITY ( AR INVESTMENT ) is one of the best telegram channels for banknifty, nifty, and equity.
This channel is very clean; they will not force you to join their premium plans by posting again and again. You will be able to access all the free calls daily by joining the channel for free.

However, you can get Nifty + Banknifty and Equity; Minimum Capital Required 15K – 20K, Daily 2 to 4 Calls, Daily Profit 2000 to 5000, Support at Trading Hours, Accuracy above 90% with their premium subscription. Obviously, I’m not advertising, just letting you know.

11. BB Investment – Nifty, Banknifty and Stock Options📊📉📈

BB Investment has got only around 3k subscribers, but you’ll get calls and tips consistently. This channel would be one of the best channels for beginners who want to learn nifty and banknifty trading along with the stock market investments.

Besides, you will get a proper stop-loss strategy to minimize the risk factors. You will also get the calls for positional stocks for long-term investments. In conclusion, if you want to learn about trading and investing in the stock market, join BB Investments.

12. Banknifty Learning💰

Banknifty Learning is all dedicated to beginners who want to learn how to trade in bank nifty. The channel has only around 3.2k subscribers, but they consistently provide educational posts about bank nifty.

Banknifty learning is the only channel that provides calls with proper strategies. Along with the calls, you will get fundamental and technical analysis with charts and graphs. Those charts and graphs will let any beginner understand the market quickly and how they can trade independently.

Moreover, the admin also provides their opinion on the present stocks based on their experience. I found the admin unbiased and very generous. You must check out this channel at least once.


Traders Group is the best telegram channel for investors and traders or any ordinary people as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran, beginner, or wanna-be investor; you must join this traders group channel. 17k+ members in the group talk about the stock market behaviors and psychology of trading and investing.

You’ll learn how big investors and media manipulate you to buy things you were not planning for. Later you will become a better investor with time. Eventually, you will learn bank nifty and other trading and long-term investing too.

14. Nifty Banknifty Trade

Nifty Banknifty Trade has got 9k+ subscribers on the channel. The admins are not SEBI registered. They provide calls and tips according to their research and predictions. Nifty and Bank nifty are very popular among young traders because you can make quick profits.

However, by joining this channel, you will get daily free calls and tips for options and intraday trading in Bank nifty and nifty. The admins are very consistent, and unlike the other channels, they don’t overpromote their paid plans.

Besides, you can get Daily 1-2 Calls, proper entry, bigger targets, risk management, personal support, and live market updates with their premium/paid plan.

15. Trend Trader Banknifty™

At last, with 6k+ subscribers, Trend Trader Banknifty is one of the best telegram channels for bank nifty. The admins are genuine and provide consistent calls for bank nifty trading. Remember, on this list, Stockpro official was the only SEBI registered channel. Individual analysts run all the other channels, sharing information based on their knowledge and research.

However, with trend trader bank nifty, you will get daily calls with proper strategies to fulfill your trading goals. You will get market updates and some additional posts related to the bank nifty. Moreover, they also have a premium plan, but you’re here because you wanted a channel that provides free calls, right? well, all the listed channels provide free calls for bank nifty and other investments.

Some Dos and Don’ts For BankNifty Trading

Here are some points that you should remember if you’re planning to trade in bank nifty.


  • Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.
  • Before paying for premium services, always try out demo classes and trials.
  • Take calls and tips only from the known person that has expertise in trading and Investing.
  • Keep a close eye on the stop loss and the goals.
  • Try to understand the market tactics before investing any money in it.
  • Know when to stop and when to keep going.
  • Follow strategies that has minimum risk involvements, you might not earn huge but you will not lose either.


  • If you’re a beginner, you should avoid bank nifty trading.
  • Before investing, do some homework and don’t trade on your own.
  • Stick to one call at a time while trading options; don’t try to multitask.
  • No matter how certain you are, don’t put all of your money into a single call.
  • Don’t be greedy and use your intelligence to your advantage.
Disclaimer - All the channels listed are not in the ranking order. Don't make investments by following calls and tips on your own. I or any channel will not help any responsibility of your monetary loss or profit. Please take advice from your financial advisor before trading or investing.

Bottom Line

Options trading in BankNifty is one of the quickest ways to increase your money in a short amount of time. All investments, however, are unavoidably susceptible to some level of risk. But keep in mind that big profits come with big hazards.

Now we can trade bank nifty monthly and weekly endings too. The fact is weekly endings are riskier than monthly ones. You need to understand the market first before making any trading decisions in bank nifty trading.

Although, you can choose options or intraday both types to trade bank nifty. On the other hand, it is not the same as stock trading. You can make large profits while also losing all of your money all at once. However, the risk elements in stock trading are minor, and you will never lose all of your money.

At last, the post was about the best telegram channels for banknifty, where you can get free calls and tips for your bank nifty trading. I’ve covered every popular channel that can help you grow financially by trading bank nifty. All the best and happy trading. However, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the channels list, please feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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