15+ Telegram Channels For Options Trading [2023]

Options trading is one of the quickest ways to earn huge profits, yet the riskiest investments you can make.

It is impossible to avoid the risk if you want to invest in financial markets. And options trading is not something a beginner should do on their own.

First of all, take some experience through virtual or paper trading before making any financial investments. And Most importantly, when you are trying for options trading.

I don’t want you to lose your money, so here are some of the best telegram channels that provide calls related to NSE, BSE stocks, and index options like Nifty and Bank Nifty.

The admins of the groups have some real experience, and they are doing trading for years. Though I’ve personally tested all these telegram channels, it is still advisable to be aware before taking all the calls and tips. I am saying these so you can use some of your instincts and some of your brains.

A quick tip for you, don’t lose out; just work out with your options trading senses.

Best Telegram Channels For Options Trading In India

Many telegram channels claim to provide some good knowledge, calls, and tips about options trading. But most of them are just trying to make you purchase their premium services.

Remember, there would be many channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, yet throw the worst calls and tips that cause you to lose your capital.

Just do not fall for the number of subscribers they have. There might also be any channel with only 50 subscribers that would provide some genuine knowledge and calls.

I’m trying to say here just observe before doing the real thing, and that’s the safest way to do options trading.

Below, I’m listing the best telegram channels for options trading that provide free calls and tips for a day. And premium services are always an option, depending upon you. You can recover your investments soon by taking up their premium calls.

Here are a few points related to options trading that you should know

  • Options trading is the riskiest investment because your money might be multiplied by 100 or lost entirely. That is why people who trade options do not appreciate conducting intraday or other types of trading.
  • Not all Demat accounts include the ability to trade options. Zerodha, Upstox, and Angel Broking are all good options.
  • You could lose all of the money you invest, or you could make 100 times more than that. As a result, the loss is fixed, while the profit is limitless.
Channel NameChannel Link
1. Trade with RS 💸t.me/trade\wRS
2. Nse Stock Pro 📈t.me/nsestockpro
3. 20Paisa.com (Banknifty Options)t.me/Banknifty_specials
4. Shree Tech Analysist.me/shreetechanalysis
5. Stock Master 🤑t.me/stockmaster
6. StockPro®️ Official (SEBI Registered)t.me/StockPro_Official_BankNifty
7. Nifty Bank – Equity & Optionst.me/nifty_50_stocks
8. Nifty | Banknifty | Stock Optionshttps://t.me/Banknifty_Nifty_Stock_Market
9. Binance Options Signalshttps://t.me/Binance_Options_Trading
10. Options Trading Intraday Bulls SEBIhttps://t.me/Options_Trading_intraday_bulls
Top Telegram Channels For Options Trading

Even if some experienced people run these channels, you still have to observe before taking any free calls and tips. In this way, you can minimalize the risk factors and will be able to make logical decisions.

Best Telegram Channels For Bank Nifty Options Trading

You can also trade in Index Options at NSE – Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty. As the name indicates, Nifty Bank consists of all approved banking stocks in India like HDFC Bank, ICICI, AXIS, KOTAK, and others.

I’m listing here the best telegram channels that provide free calls and put in options trading and bank nifty options.

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Wolf of Traders 💰https://t.me/wolfoftraders
2. BANKNIFTY-NIFTY OPTION TRADING 📈t.me/optiontradetime
3. $ Everyday Profits $t.me/everydayprofits
4. Bank Nifty & Nifty ( Only Options)t.me/optionsniftybanknifty0
5. NIFTY BANKNIFTY OPTIONShttps://t.me/tradingcommunityyyy
7. MTC Nifty & BankNifty Optionshttps://t.me/TradingMTC
8. DC Option Trading Hubhttps://t.me/DCOptionTradingHub
10. Banknifty Nifty Stock Optionshttps://t.me/Banknifty_Equity_Nifty_Options
Best Telegram Channels For Nifty & Bank Nifty Options
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Some Dos and Don’ts of Options Trading

Here are some points you should remember before and while trading options.


  • Follow strategies with minimum risk factors like straddle.
  • Take calls only by genuine analysts and experts.
  • Taking advice from your broker or financial advisor would be a great thing.
  • Follow stop loss and the objectives very strictly.
  • Be prepared for the loss whenever you’re investing.
  • Always take demo classes and trials before taking the premium services.
  • After taking any option, call, observe it, and be consistent with it.
  • Have some patience. You’ll win at the end.
  • Hope for the best, prepared for the worst.


  • Don’t choose options trading if you’re are a beginner.
  • Do some research before investing, do not trade on your own.
  • Stick with one call at a time, don’t try to multitask in options trading.
  • Don’t invest all of your capital in a single call doesn’t matter how sure you are.
  • Don’t be greedy and take advantage of your brain. Know when to quit and when to hold.
  • Don’t expect huge profits; however, you are doing things for it.

Bottom Line

Options trading is one of the fastest ways of trading to multiply your money in a shorter period. However, all investments are subjected to at least any risks for sure. But remember, great profit comes with significant risks.

However, options trading is very different from stock trading. You can make huge profits at the same time you might lose all of your capital at once. But in stock trading, the risk factors are low, and you’ll never lose all of your money.

Telegram channels are beneficial for a beginner who is starting their trading journey. You can learn a lot about options trading by joining like-minded people. Getting knowledge from their expertise is always a good thing, but at the same time, please do your own homework before investing.

Note: I'm not forcing you to join any premium services, or the tips and calls of these channels will always make a profit for you. You're at your own risk! I'll not be responsible for any loss you'll cause by joining or taking calls by any telegram channel.

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