28 Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market [2022]

stock market telegram channel

Telegram channels are the best source to be updated with stock market tips, calls, and news for every segment of trades such as intraday, positional, forex, or future & options. 

I am personally following various telegram groups related to the stock market. Few channels who claims to be an expert but their main aim is just to sell premium membership by showing fake screenshots.

Our view – Don’t get trapped by just seeing profit screenshots.

After huge research, and taking suggestions from highly experienced traders, I have mentioned joining links of 21+ best telegram channels for the stock market 

These are the best channel for at least 3 to 4 highly accurate calls daily totally free! These telegram channels suggest profitable calls and increase your trading knowledge. 

Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market India

Telegram channel is like a great advantage for traders. Whether it’s BankNifty Calls, Swing Calls, Daily Intraday Calls, Stock Options Calls, and more, You will have access to all types of news and knowledge related to the stock market for free. How?

  • Are you a beginner? You’ll get to learn the basics.
  • Are you a intermediate? You’ll get to learn new skills, get good tips.
  • Are you a expert trader? You’ll get a platform to share your knowledge.

Admin will share one stock every day for investment purposes with a detailed research report. So you can go through the details and decide if you want to invest in it or not.

Companies they identify are super awesome and good for investment. Previous stocks which this channel suggested had given good returns.

Channel NameChannel Link

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2. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

Visit Channel

3. Wealth Citi

Visit Channel

4. JackpotTradeX📈

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Visit Channel

6. Intraday Official 💰

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7. PRO TRADER GROUPVisit Channel
8. Nse Equires99Visit Channel

Intraday Trading Telegram Channels

Intraday trading Simply means buying and selling stocks on the same trading day. It is also known as day trading.

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffet

Intraday trading is when you invest in the stock market for a few hours or a session. The most significant benefit of this trading is that you can sell your stock at any time and earn money.

Intraday trading involves high risk compared to btst trading. I do not recommend beginners to get involved without proper knowledge or strategy.

Admins of the below-mentioned telegram channels are one of the best stock market channels or groups on telegram that you can follow for the latest stock market intraday trading updates.

Here are some following points you should remember before investing in Intraday Trading:

  • In intraday trading, buying correlated shares is always a wise choice.
  • Always employ the stop-loss approach to sell your investment before it suffers any further losses.
  • Finally, when selecting stocks, keep market trends in mind. It’s also a good idea to look at the company’s portfolio and seek guidance from your financial advisor.
  • In intraday trading, you should always buy liquid stock and avoid volatile stocks.
  • In intraday trading, it is preferable to choose two or three good stocks rather than multiple random ones.
Channel NameChannel Link

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3. Wealth Citi

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4. JackpotTradeX 📈

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5. Intraday Option Call & Put

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6. BTST Wealth

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Option Trading Telegram Channels

Options trading is a type of derivative product that allows investors to speculate on, or hedge against, the volatility of an underlying stock.

Few beginner traders think that options trading is only for professionals which is not true. I agree that trading in options is a bit complicated than trading in equity but you can earn huge in futures and options if you have learned some important key points.

Few Good option trading telegram channels will provide good calls, expert knowledge, and insider news to trade in options, Admin will clearly add the reason for suggesting the stock with proper entry, exit, and target price.

The following points you should keep in your mind while trading with options:

  • You could lose all of the money you invest, or you could make 100 times more than that. As a result, the loss is fixed, while the profit is limitless.
  • Not all Demat accounts include the ability to trade options. Zerodha, Upstox, and Angel Broking are all good options.
  • Options trading is the riskiest investment because your money might be multiplied by 100 or lost entirely. That is why people who trade options do not appreciate conducting intraday or other types of trading.
Channel NameChannel Link
1. Profits Everyday 🤑

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4. NSE F&O Masters

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5. Intraday Option Call & Put

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6. Wolf Option Traders 💲

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7. The Option ClubView Channel

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

As per my opinion, I strongly recommend the best SEBI registered Share market tips provider in India. The investment advisors or research analysts team operating these channels are registered and certified by SEBI. 

As per my research, SEBI registered telegram channels/groups are best for stock market tips, and for the latest stock market updates.

After all, you need someone you can trust, followed by SEBI-registered experts. Because they are more client-oriented and neutral, only a SEBI registered advisor is authorized to act as a financial advisor.

Benefits of SEBI registered channels:

  • Managed by SEBI authorized professional 
  • No or minimal promotion for paid services
  • Trusted and Authorized
  • Great source of learning stock market
  • Expert calls and tips
  • They are unbiased and client-centric, and assured.
Channel NameChannel Link
1. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

Visit Channel

2. Equity99

Visit Channel

3. Eqwires Research Analyst

Visit Channel

4. NSE F&O Masters

Visit Channel

5. PATEL WEALTH – Intraday/Delivery Call

Visit Channel

6. Valuerupee- Research Analyst

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SEBI Registered Telegram Channels for Stock Market
7.Minish Patel🔹 – SEBI RegisteredView Channel
8.CA Jagadeesh – SEBI REGISTERED Research analystView Channel

How To Identify A Good Stock Market Channel?

Before Joining you should check out the below-mentioned qualities of a good stock market channel:

1. Observe Views (Not Subscribers)

Don’t subscribe to a channel by just checking the number of subscribers, many channels use to manipulate others by adding lakhs of fake subscribers. I recommend you must check the number of views on the posts.

2. Genuine channel do not post fake screenshot

If you notice properly, the screenshot will have the details of entry/SL and what target is reached but the date will always be hidden. He tries to project that those are same-day calls but they are not. Calls can be 4-5 days back too. 

Good & Genuine channels don’t hide losses, they stay honest. If you see only profits in a channel without any loss, something is wrong with that channel!

3. Proper Stop-loss and Targets

Few fake channels provide the calls when the current market price (CMP) is already 10-15 rs up from recommended price. At least a common man cannot execute the orders so fast.

The real and trusted channels never hide stop loss & targets, so I recommend do not trade without SL and targets, it can erode your hard-earned money ( highly risky. )

4. No or Minimal Stress On Paid Services

Good channels focus on providing good calls, news, and expert knowledge so that members get benefits. The main aim of a trusted telegram channel is to the personal brand by sharing good stock market tips, and calls.

Also, you will see some channels just pressurize on selling paid service, and at the end of the day, all non-performing calls will be deleted from the channel.

Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market is risky, I am not liable for any kind of loss or damage and the below-mentioned channels. Our research and details for knowledge and informational purpose.

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Any Person can easily earn by trading, I recommend visiting all the above telegram channels so that you can earn huge.

How much time do you think people give for learning? How much do you think people expect from the share market when they start investing?

Time for learning: Forget it, please give me some calls so that I can earn lakhs😀

Expectations: I will earn a five-digit income by investing four-digit money and that too in a short term🤣.

Do you own or manage an awesome Telegram channel for Stock Market?

If so, feel free to contact us so that we can add your channel to our list.

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