15 Best Telegram Channels For Swing Trading [July 2023]

I’m listing some of the best telegram channels for swing trading to contribute to your trading arsenal’s required knowledge and experience.

Swing trading is one of the best and easiest ways to make recurring revenue every 5 to 10 days on average. Swing trading is beginner-friendly. However, if this trading style interests you, you should look forward to starting your trading journey by gaining more knowledge.

In swing trading, we have to buy stocks at low prices and sell them at high prices at 5 to 10 days of intervals. We don’t make huge profits by this, but we can make 20% to 30% of our investments on average. If anyone wants to step aside in stock markets, swing trading will be the best option.

Some of the good things about swing trading are that fundamental analysis is not necessary, less risky than intraday trading, and you don’t have to wait like positional trading. You can make regular and fast money; It’s easy to learn and execute.


List Of Best Telegram Channels For Swing Trading

Before listing the best telegram channels for swing trading, I’ve researched through google and found some. Most of the channels were not updating the information, and I didn’t find them helpful.

If you’ve landed on this page, consider yourself lucky. I’ve already done the homework for you, so you don’t have to waste any more time finding the telegram channels for swing trading.

I’ve personally tested all these channels, and they update the tips daily. You don’t have to fall for the subscriber count of any channel. Analyze the tips and information shared by these channels and see whether they work or not. And that’s how you evolve.

Note - If you get any difficulty finding these channels through the links, please search the titles directly on your telegram app. 


Back to Kolkata

With 47 thousand + subscribers, this channel has made a good reputation. They post regularly on their channel and provide truthful information about the nifty, stocks, and other technical charts with images. You can analyze the stock patterns and get experience over time.

Furthermore, Neha is professional analytics from Moneycontrol. Though she’s not SEBI registered, you will get accurate information about swing trading and beneficial tips for investing in the stock market. And the most important reason why I am listing this channel at the top of the list is that they provide daily updates.

Stock gainers telegram channel for stock market 3

2. JackpotTradeX

JackpotTradeX has only 500+ subscribers, but as I mentioned before, you do not have to fall for the subscribers/members count. I found JackpotTradeX one of the best telegram channels, especially for swing trading. They provide regular updates and calls that will help you to make a regular income.

If you face any problem or have to discuss anything related to the stock market, they have their separate channel for discussion purposes only. You can join them by the name JackpotTradeX However, Providing technical charts with a proper stop-loss strategy is an excellent reason to join this channel.

3. StoxMaster


Stock Market Training Academy is the oldest & highly reliable Training Academy in India. They teach you best proven methods and techniques for successful trading in stock market through their proven & tested A-Z Technical Analysis Methods. They also give Free Calls every day on Stoxmaster Telgram Channel

Stoxmaster’s Mission is to make everyone financially independent in stock marker using right technical analysis & they have successfully trained 10,000+ members in their Paid Training Program & provided Free Training to more than 5 lacs+ members for free on their StoxMaster

4. FIS Sebi Registered

FIS is one of the best telegram channels for stock market analysis and swing trading. They provide every stock’s news with complete technical charts that quickly help beginners understand market strategies.

FIS has gained the trust of 18k+ members by providing efficient and accurate trading information. You can also rely on their market analysis and news, but only buy stocks by your instincts. However, You will get your trading stuff in the form of images, screenshots, and technical charts. The way the admins are providing information will indeed be going to help beginners.

5. CoverOrder

Cover Order is yet another one of the best telegram channels for swing traders. With 21k+ subscribers, Cover Order provides stock portfolios with a technical graph. This telegram channel is a good option for those who want to see examples of how stock trading works. The accuracy survives approx 60% – 85%.

You can also join their WhatsApp group as a premium service to get more calls and tips.

6. Eqwires Research Analyst(SEBI Registered)

Here comes yet another one of the best telegram channels for swing trading and the stock market. Eqwires is the only SEBI(Securities And Exchange Board Of India) Registered telegram channel on the list. Eqwires is a famous analyst in India that provides truthful information about the stock market, trading, and investing ideas.

Moreover, Eqwires is India’s top-rated SEBI-registered research analyst, with Google’s No. 1 ranking as the best SEBI-registered stock advising firm. They also have their website; you can get free counseling to gain knowledge and experience about stock trading and other financial investments.

7. Swing&positional stock

Here comes yet another popular telegram channel on the list of positional trading.

As by name Swing & Positional Stock, the admin provides excellent views for the stocks accordingly. 

The channel has got more than 7 thousand subscribers. If someone is interested in only swing and positional trading, this channel is highly best for them. 

You will get consistent calls and tips along with their views. They provide accurate charts and technical graphs with images for the members. They share tips and calls about swing trading with a stop-loss so that you won’t lose all of your capital if anything goes wrong.

Moreover, the admin will update the stock market trends and news per the SEBI norms.

8. Trading Reboot Academy

I recommend that you not rely on any telegram channel’s subscriber count. They can be fake at times, so be cautious.

Trading Reboot Academy only has about 6845 subscribers, but the channel is worth following if you want accurate information. They supply calls for both positional and swing trading. Furthermore, you will occasionally receive calls for nifty and bank nifty.

The best part about Trading Reboot Academy is that they are consistent and do not stop posting on the channel.
They also offer an appropriate stop-loss strategy for swing trading. As a result, beginners will not have to face the consequences while you are not monitoring your trades.

9. Upticks : Swing Trading Calls

Upticks is a Telegram channel that offers consistent calls and opinions on the swing and positional stocks.

Investing in positional stocks is a good idea for working professionals who are short on time and want to supplement their income with a side hustle.

Despite the fact that the administrators are not SEBI-registered analysts, they are genuine and provide accurate reports to their 5 thousand subscribers.

They have stated that you should seek advice from your financial advisor before making any investment based on their recommendations. However, those calls will be beneficial to your stock market research.

Along with swing trading calls, you will receive critical news from around the world that may affect the stock market.

10. Equity Swing Stocks

Equity Swing Stocks is one of the best Telegram channels with over 2k subscribers, and they are excellent at providing the most recent market news and stock trends. They are sincere and provide regular calls and swing trading tips. Based on the posts, I believe this channel is the best for swing traders.

On a regular basis, you will receive swing not only trading calls but also the appropriate strategies and stock market updates. Furthermore, you will get motivational quotes related to the stock market.

11. Trade swings 🔵

With over 80 thousand subscribers, Trade Swings is one of the largest telegram channels for swing trading.

This channel specializes in providing calls for swing stocks with a stop-loss strategy.
However, you will also regularly get calls for intraday, nifty, and bank nifty. Trade swings is one of the most consistent telegram channels for providing trading calls with proper analysis and research.

The traders can make better investment decisions due to regular calls. Joining this channel will provide you with a plethora of analysis ideas.

12. Swing Trades🎯

Swing Trades is one of the best telegram channels for swing trading. They have over 14 thousand subscribers.

If you’re looking for a channel that only posts calls and news about swing trading, this is the channel for you. You will only receive calls for swing trading, allowing you to concentrate on a single trading style.


SWING AND BTST EDUCATIONAL TRADES is recently getting popular amongst telegram channels for swing trading. The channel has more than 4 thousand subscribers, and the numbers are rapidly rising.

The admins are consistent and provide updates daily consistently. However, you will get swing trade calls along with short trading calls.

The channel is transparent to its subscribers and discusses unbiased opinions on the stocks and trades. You will get daily calls for swing trading with a proper stop loss strategy, so reduce the loss factors.

You will also get technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks with proper graphs and images. Joining this channel is free, so even if you are willing to learn swing trading, you can learn it by just watching the posts regularly.

14. 💰Trade Swings™️📉

Tradeswingsofficial is one of the most popular telegram channels for swing trading. It has more than 77 thousand subscribers. The admins are transparent and consistent and provide unbiased opinions about the stock market and the calls.

Although the channel does not come from a SEBI-registered analyst, you will still get some high-quality calls for swing trading. You don’t have to worry about their research behind the trade calls.

Moreover, the Trade swings telegram has a YouTube channel currently with 179K subscribers. You can also subscribe to the channel if you want to learn stock market trading and investing for the long term as well.

15. Bestswingtraders

And last but not least, Bestswingttraders is one of the rapidly growing telegram channels for swing trading. The trade calls and consistency behind the posts by the channel are top-notch.

Whether you are a hardcore trader or a wannabe, you will surely be going to get benefits from Bestswingtraders’ telegram channel.

However, the channel’s admin is NISM certified analyst and provides updates for options trading, short-term trading, positional stocks, and swing trading.

Every trader and investor should follow the channel to improve their knowledge regarding any kind of trading. You will get trading calls along with charts and graphs’ fundamental and technical analysis. Moreover, you will also be notified of essential stock market news and unbiased opinions of the admin.

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How to join a Swing Trading Telegram Channel

It is very simple to join a free swing trading Telegram channel. Here are a few easy steps to do that:

  • First, you must install the Telegram app from Google Play Store” if you are an Android user.
  • Install the Telegram app from the App Store” if you’re an iPhone user.
  • Later, open the Telegram app, minimize it, and click on the links I’ve listed further. You’ll get automatically redirected to the best telegram channels for swing trading.
  • Tap on Join Now button.
  • And that’s how you can easily join a swing trading Telegram channel.
  • In case the links are not working for some reason, you can manually search by typing the name of the telegram channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the best swing trading telegram channel in India?

A. One of the most reliable Telegram channels for authentic information on Swing Trading is Trade Swings. In just three months, the channel’s subscriber base has grown to over 77K people. Trade swings is also the only channel in the list that provides 5 to 10 calls and tips, especially for swing trading.

Q. How to get swing trading calls for free?

A. By joining any a telegram channel that provides free calls and tips for Swing Trading. I’ve listed 15 of the best telegram channels that provides daily swing trading tips.

Q. Is Swing trading good for beginners?

A. One of the simplest types of trading that a novice can learn is swing trading. Additionally, for a beginner, it is preferable to day trading. If you’re a novice trader as well, starting with swing trading may be beneficial for you.

Q. Who is the best stock advisor for Swing Trading?

A. CA Jagadeesh is one of the best SEBI-registered stock advisor who shares his unbiased opinions. He talks about stock market trading and provides free calls regarding swing and positional trading as well.


The post was about the best telegram channels for swing trading. I’ve tried to cover different telegram channels that are genuine and provide consistent information based on the market news and stock trends.

Joining these telegram channels will definitely going to help you gain more knowledge about the market, and you will eventually become an expert over time. Be consistent, and the day will come soon; you’ll do all the backend research things yourself.

Note – All the listed telegram channels provide information based on their analysis. Apart from the Eqwires other channels are not SEBI registered, and they do not claim the accuracy of their shared information.

You don’t have to follow any listed telegram channel blindly. Gain some experience by joining them and analyzing the market by watching their calls and tips. Over time, you’ll get more intelligent and experienced enough to make the right financial decisions.

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