12 Best YouTube Channels For BankNifty

The Bank NIFTY market is one of the quickest ways to make good profits that is why it is very popular among investors. You can make huge profits or lose all of your capital at once in bank nifty options trading. BankNifty is not for beginners due to its volatile nature. If you want to make money from a bank nifty, you must learn it properly. I’m listing here the 12 best YouTube channels for BankNifty. You can learn every essential knowledge that will increase your profit chances.

List Of Best YouTube Channels For BankNifty Learning And Trading

1. Sunil Minglani – 930K Subscribers

Sunil Minglani, a well-known specialist on stock market behavior, has decided to apply the same human concepts to life change and mentorship.
He has a lot of expertise analyzing stock and chart patterns, which he has deeply linked to human psychology. Thus he’s the only stock market psychologist in India.

Suppose you’re interested in financial investments, whether it is stock market investing or trading in nifty and bank NIFTY, you should check out this channel. You will get to know how human psychology works in choosing stocks. Thus you will be able to make better investing and trading decisions.

Furthermore, Sunil also conducts master classes in which you may ask him any financial questions or doubt you have about the stock market.

2. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade – 3.21M Subscribers

Undoubtedly the best location to learn about investment and money management is Rachna’s YouTube channel. Rachna is a seasoned Chartered Accountant who has also worked as a teacher for over ten years, as evidenced by her videos.

She makes videos about financial markets, mutual fund investments, bitcoin, retirement planning, and other issues in easy Hindi. There’s also a playlist for each financial area, as well as seminars from her.

However, if you want to learn deeply about nifty and bank nifty, Rachna is an expert who can teach you every essential point that you should consider. Before starting your trading journey in nifty and bank nifty, I highly suggest you go to this channel and watch some.

3. Code Viser – 175K Subscribers

Code Viser joined YouTube on March 2, 2016, and has already received 9,971,595 views. That is already quite an accomplishment. Until then, he had 175K subscribers, and that number is still growing.

I must say this channel is quite an underrated channel. It might be because he shares specialized content focuses with nifty and bank nifty. So if you’re willing to learn bank nifty trading, then code viser is one of the best youtube channels for bank nifty.

Moreover, you will get daily updates on nifty and bank nifty analyses. Code Viser also uploads intraday and short-term strategies for bank nifty trading.

4. CA Akshatha Udupa – 74.2K Subscribers

Akshatha Udupa, another CA, joins the list. She has eight years of experience as a Chartered Accountant. She creates educational movies on topics such as trading, money management, general awareness, and personality development.

Akshatha’s tagline is “learn with patience, earn with discipline.” In other words, she wants to tell people, if you want to achieve financial independence, you must learn how to invest with patience. To acquire those skills, you need to master your habits of discipline.

Besides, she makes videos on finance, swing trading, and intraday trading in bank nifty. Moreover, you can get a playlist of daily nifty/bank nifty analysis, Future & options.
You will get her views on cryptocurrencies as well. Thus, you must check out this channel at least once.

5. Art Of Trading – 254K Subscribers

Mr. Shyamal Sinha founded the art of Trading (AOT) in the year 2007. However, he started the YouTube channels on March 25, 2018. Art of trading is one of the best YouTube channels for banknifty learning and trading. 

Shyamal has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets (stocks, commodities, forex, and futures and options). He also runs an art of trading blog where he provides regular updates on nifty and bank nifty. 

If you want to learn how to do technical charts for bank nifty, then the art of trading YouTube channel is what you should check out. You will learn how to trade in a bank nifty with proper strategies that will increase the chances of your profit.

6. Super Trader Lakshya – 258K Subscribers

The next channel I’m going to list is super trader Lakshya. Since 2008, Lakshya has been a stock market trader who believes that the stock market is the most effective technique to generate part-time/full-time income.

Super trader Lakshya is one of the best channels for banknifty. He makes videos related to bank nifty that include trading and technical analysis. On this channel, you can learn bank nifty in very detail because Lakshy mainly focuses on trading in bank nifty.

Besides, Lakshya also shares motivational videos and success principles to keep your energy level up while trading. I’m sure you will find his live trading examples helpful for your learning.

7. SAN TECH – 294K Subscribers

Most people want to learn to trade and invest in the stock market, but they lack knowledge. So SAN TECH will be the channel I would like to recommend to beginners who don’t know where to start.

You will learn how to start trading or investing through your android app or computer. Apart from the trading tutorials and examples, you will also learn bank nifty. Moreover, SAN TECH uploads videos for financial investments and trading too. He primarily targets a beginner audience who knows nothing about all these investing terms.

8. BANK NIFTY TRADER TECH – 22.9K Subscribers

And here comes yet another bank nifty specialized channel bank nifty trader tech. On this channel, you will get daily prediction videos for bank nifty trading. You will get to know every strategy of bank nifty and how to predict on live trading videos.

Bank nifty trading is already known for making quick money. However, bank nifty trader tech is a veteran trader whose expertise is intraday trading in bank nifty. So if you are one of those who want to make quick money, you must check out this channel if you want to make quick money. Those live trading will definitely help a beginner to learn bank nifty in various ways.

9. Neeraj Joshi – 1.62M Subscribers

Neeraj Joshi himself created this channel. He is a stock market trader, an angel investor, and YouTuber as well. Neeraj Joshi makes videos related to the stock market, trading, and bank nifty too.

I like the way Neeraj explains his theories and strategies for trading in his videos. However, if you want to learn bank nifty in the easiest way possible, I highly suggest you watch this channel’s videos. You will get to know every term related to bank nifty effortlessly.

Furthermore, Neeraj creates videos of live trading examples that are incredibly beneficial to his novice audience. His narrations and teaching manner will dispel any doubts you may have about trading or investing in the stock market. In addition, he gives motivating summaries and triumphant stock market trading tales that can help you go one step closer to your objectives.

10. Trade Swings – 101K Subscribers

Trade swings is a growing YouTube channel that uploads daily videos on intraday and swing trading. The videos you will get will be for the stock market and for bank nifty too. This channel might not be a specialized channel for bank nifty, but many beginners will find the content helpful.

Moreover, you’ll also get videos on how to profit from options and intraday trading tactics without losing your capital gains. You’ll also master every well-known tactic professional trader use, such as candlesticks, moving averages, and indicators. In conclusion, Trade swings will teach you all you need to know about trading and investing to become a successful trader.

11. POWER OF STOCKS – 761K Subscribers

Subasish Pani is the owner of Power Of Stocks, one of the best youtube channels to learn investing and financial management. On this channel, you will learn almost everything that often occurs in a beginner’s mind.

Subasish also makes videos on the share market, chart analysis, and intraday trading, Apart from making videos on nifty and bank nifty. You will also get live trading videos on the channel to learn things quickly.

However, I can recommend the Power of Stocks YouTube channel to anyone who wants to learn or improve their investment and trading knowledge. At last for bank nifty, the live trading videos will be extremely helpful to beginners.

12. Booming Bulls – 570K Subscribers

Anish Singh Thakur created the Booming Bulls YouTube channel in November of this year. He covers issues that no other YouTuber in the banking industry does. He discusses the psychology of trading and investing in the stock market. Boomin Bulls is the only YouTube channel on the list dedicated to the basics of stock market fundamentals and trading.

Beginners will find everything that needs to be spoken on Booming Bulls. You can learn how to create your trading setup and trade in bank nifty with live videos. 

Moreover, you will get motivational and informative videos on the share market that will help you keep going. If you have any queries, you can also ask Anish, when he goes live on his QNA videos.

13. Pivot Call – 338K Subscribers (BONUS)

The man behind the Pivot Call is a genius, which forced me to list this channel. If you’re into bank nifty, I highly recommend this channel to you. Pivot call uploads videos only for bank nifty, and he is an expert on bank nifty. He finds trading is bank nifty better than trading stocks. However, you will get all the strategies and experiences you need to trade in bank nifty successfully.

The only drawback of the channel is it’s not consistent in uploading videos. Anyways, there are already enough videos present on the channel to learn bank nifty trading.

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Bank NIFTY is an appealing script for investors hoping to make a quick profit, but its volatility warns against taking chances. Although there is a lot of research and theory on how to pay bank nifty, these ideas and strategies are a good place to start if you’re new to trading.

You may trade bank nifty options in a variety of ways, and with the correct bank nifty tips and bank nifty trading technique, you can steadily improve and make more successful trades.

However, you should not trade a bank nifty without getting proper education about it. If you don’t learn how bank nifty works then there’s a huge chance that you might lose all of your capital at once. So take advice before investing or trading in a bank nifty.

Anyways, The idea was to list YouTube channels for bank nifty is to educate people. After watching these channels, anyone can learn how to trade in a bank nifty and make some profit.

To educate the beginners I’ve shared the 12 best YouTube channels for banknifty. I hope you’ve found the article and the list helpful. Let us know which YouTube channel did you found the most helpful.

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