20 Best YouTube Channels For Cryptocurrency India

Cryptocurrencies might be the next big thing in the upcoming future. If you don’t know how to invest in crypto or why to invest in crypto, here I’m listing the 20 best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency in India.

However, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and no specific country or government has control over it. If you are willing to learn about the crypto market, you can watch any youtube channels that make videos on cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to watch Indian channels only specifically. Still, I’m mainly listing Indian youtube channels for cryptocurrencies because those make videos in Hindi.

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List Of Best YouTube Channels For Cryptocurrency In India

When you want to learn something from the Internet, hands down, YouTube is so far the best platform available. Learning from YouTube is absolutely free, apart from watching some annoying ads. So, Learning about investments in cryptocurrency from YouTube is the best for any beginner.

However, finding the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency might consume a lot of time. That’s why I’m listing 20 of the best YouTube channels that cover everything about cryptocurrencies. Each channel will be different, and the list is not in the ranking order.

1. everything hindi – 189K Subscribers

Everything Hindi is a YouTube channel run by Mr. Ajay Kashyap. He has been trading in crypto since 2014. Ajay has a brief knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and he will teach you everything you need to know before investing in crypto. If you’re a beginner and want to learn cryptocurrency, everything Hindi is one of the best channels you should look after.

Moreover, apart from making your account to buy crypto, you will also learn to trade with various profitable cryptocurrencies. Which coin is going to be the rise or down? Ajay will tell you everything based on his experiences with the crypto market. Furthermore, you will get to know the comparison between different crypto coins and the trending news and gossip.

2. Crypto India – 195K Subscribers

If you want to be a crypto trader or already one, then Crypto India will definitely help in many ways. You will get all the news related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. However, beginners who don’t know what is pumping and dumping in crypto can watch the crypto India YouTube channel to learn all the crypto investing terms.

Although Crypto India provides updates on every trending crypto news, I would still recommend this channel to those who mainly want to learn crypto trading.

Furthermore, you will get to learn how to do a technical and fundamental analysis of any crypto coin on your own so you can choose better projects in the long run.

3. Crypto Point Hindi – 104K Subscribers

Joined on March 6th, 2018, Crypto point Hindi is one of India’s best channels for cryptocurrency. This channel shares everything essential related to crypto. Mr. Sandeep is the owner of the crypto point Hindi, and he has been posting videos for three years.

Sandeep has brief knowledge of investing in cryptocurrencies, and he’s following bitcoin for a very long time. He will also teach you how to mine cryptocurrency, do technical analysis, and share crypto news and events as well. Besides making videos on cryptocurrencies, Sandeep is also dedicated to spreading awareness to the people who don’t know anything about blockchain and altcoins.

4. Bitcoin Expert India – 191K Subscribers

And here comes yet another one of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency in India. I’m talking about one of the most loved channels by many people, Bitcoin Expert India. After joining on June 6th, 2017, this channel spread awareness about bitcoin and other crypto coins based on blockchain technology.

People who fear bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are missing out on the big picture. All these critical lessons you will learn on this channel. Moreover, you will get every news and update related to bitcoin, altcoins, and other cryptos. All these videos will be in easy and Hindi so any beginner can understand very efficiently.

5. CryptoRUs – 549K Subscribers

If you don’t have a language barrier, then CryptoRUs is one of the best channels for cryptocurrency. As you know, crypto is not something owned or regulated by one specific country; hence all the cryptocurrencies in the world run on the same rules. You don’t have to watch Indian channels only to learn crypto. You can watch channels from other countries also.

There is a strong reason I’m listing this channel. If you want to stay updated about the crypto world, then this is the channel you should follow. George is the owner of CryptoRUs, and he streams daily at 11:30 AM / 8:00 PM CST. On this channel, George makes videos about daily crypto news, analysis, and research.

6. Exodus – 106K Subscribers

And here comes yet another awesome channel from the United States that makes excellent videos on cryptocurrencies. Exodus, no, not the movie; it’s the channel name. If you have any difficulty finding this channel, try searching “Exodus Crypto” in the YouTube search bar.

Exodus is the channel concerned with making videos for beginners who don’t want to dive into the technical analysis. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a geek to understand the crypto and blockchain, says Exodus.

On this channel, you’ll find Exodus wallet tutorials, crypto education videos, and content to help improve your overall experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

7. Crypto Notes – 82.1K Subscribers

Crypto Notes is a well-recognized channel in the International crypto community. Mohsin Ali runs crypto notes, the YouTube and telegram channel both simultaneously. Although Moshsin lives in London, he makes videos in Hindi, suitable for Indians who want to get educated about cryptocurrency.

Moreover, you’ll get videos on crypto news, signals, and technical analysis and predictions as well. Mohsin has more than 5 Years of experience in crypto trading, and you can learn all by watching his videos for free. At last, I’ll suggest this channel to those who want to trade in cryptocurrencies. Though it is not possible to generate profits every time, Mohsin claims that he will help you recover losses.

8. Open4Profit – 469K Subscribers

Zia ul Haque is the guy behind Open4Profit, where he shares crypto analysis and guides based on his experience. Zia is a software developer, influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor from India.

You’ll get technical analysis of various trendy crypto coins with proper charts and graphs. Moreover, you will also learn how to trade with crypto from the very beginning. At last, Zia ul Haque will quickly understand the crypto market and other digital currencies.

9. Young And Investing – 146K Subscribers

Young and Investing is the only YouTube channel from the Netherlands on the list. Quinten runs the crypto-focused YouTube channel Young and Investing. Almost every day, he makes a video about cryptocurrency. If you want to learn crypto and blockchain technology, then you might like Young and Investing.

Moreover, Quinten also talks about his crypto Investing portfolio and will help you make your own too. Furthermore, he shares his prediction based on personal experiences. You’ll indeed be going to find the content helpful.

10. Shivam Chhuneja – 62.7K Subscribers

Nowadays, everyone who knows, even if a little about crypto, wants to invest in it too. But the problem is most people don’t know how to invest in crypto? How to buy and sell crypto? Is crypto legal? What is the future of crypto and other digital currencies? Shivam Chhueja is the channel I suggest for beginners if you have the same thoughts and queries.

Shivam Chhuneja is a marketing consultant who assists firms in developing and implementing marketing strategies to build stronger brands. I’ve found him a very genuine person, and he cares about his audience. Apart from making educational videos on crypto, Shivam also shares the technical and fundamental charts for cryptocurrencies.

11. Coin Bureau – 1.6M Subscribers

I found Coin Bureau, the best YouTube channel for cryptocurrencies prediction and analysis. If you’ve invested in crypto or you are already a crypto trader or investor, you should indeed follow this channel to stay updated with the crypto news and predictions.

Moreover, you will get daily videos on various crypto coins that will make you understand the graph easily. Hence you can save yourself from investing in the wrong projects. Coin Bureau might not be for absolute beginners, but if a beginner watches the videos, they will get an idea about investing in crypto.

12. Booming Bulls – 556K Subscribers

Most people think that investing money in the right place is not easy, and they also don’t know how to learn all these things. That’s why I’m listing the Booming Bulls, a great initiative by Anish Singh Thakur. Booming Bulls is one of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency in India. He makes videos in Hindi that Indian people can easily understand.

Apart from making videos on cryptocurrency, Anish also covers topics for the psychology in trading, investing awareness, and the stock market.
Furthermore, Anish also makes videos where he answers the questions of the viewers. You can also ask him about investing or trading-related queries.

13. Neha Nagar – 220K Subscribers

Neha Nagar itself is a very popular name in the investing profession. Neha has also been featured in the Groww YouTube channel, which is an investing platform also. 

Although Neha hasn’t posted so many videos on her YouTube channel, she will do for sure. I’m listing her channel because she is a professional with great expertise.

Moreover, Neha is the founder of taxationhelp.in where you can get consultation about investing and taxation-related queries. Furthermore, some crypto-related videos on Neha Nagar’s YouTube channel will help you decide your next crypto investment.

14. Solar Miner India – 71.4K Subscribers

I’m sure if you’re showing interest in cryptocurrency, then there’s a big chance that you want to make a profit from it. You can make money not only by investing in crypto coins but also by mining them. That’s why I’m listing the Solar Miner YouTube channel in the list of cryptocurrencies.

You will know how you can make Rs. 6000 per day by mining crypto coins. Moreover, the owner will show you his proof of how many he makes from mining every month.
Furthermore, you can learn how to make your mining rig by yourself to mine cryptocurrencies.

15. Navjot Brar Crypto Analyst – 79.5K Subscribers

Navjot Brar created his YouTube channel on May 11th, 2011. Since then, he has been consistently making videos on cryptocurrencies. Navjot was a crypto trader way before the market crash six months ago.

After the market crash, people started fearing that they were going to lose all of their capital. And to educate them, Navjot got the idea of making his YouTube channel. Navjot makes covers every essential crypto news and prediction that is needed to share with people.

Apart from the crypto news, you will also get his daily views on the crypto and what might be the future of crypto and blockchain technology.

16. Crypto Aman – 334K Subscribers

Crypto Aman believes that crypto is the future. Hence Aman is consistent in making videos on cryptocurrency tips, tricks, and predictions. He is into crypto trading, and if you are interested, you can get signals and tips through his YouTube and Telegram channels.

Moreover, Aman will teach you how to start trading with cryptocurrencies. Soon you will learn how to choose better projects that can generate 10X to 100X returns. Crypto is not rocket science. It’s just pure maths if you learn enough. Most people invest based on tips risking their hard-earned money. You don’t do the same that’s why learning crypto is vital.

17. DustyBC Crypto News – 134K Subscribers

DustyBC Crypto News is yet another excellent YouTube channel from the Netherlands. If you want every news on crypto and other digital coins, this is one of the best channels you should follow.

You will also get every update related to the blockchain, crypto, and altcoins on this channel. DustyBC also streams for crypto trading and provides essential crypto-related news. Moreover, You can ask your doubts and queries in the comments. That’s why I believe you should subscribe to this channel to stay connected with all the crypto and blockchain news.

18. Crypto Crown – 131K Subscribers

Which cryptocurrency is best to invest in?
Which Crypto To Buy Today?
How to trade and invest in CryptoCurrency?

Apart from these questions’ answers, you will effortlessly learn about the crypto market. Crypto crown makes videos for beginners who want to start trading but don’t know where to start.

Crypto Crown is an Indian YouTube channel that shares educational information about cryptocurrencies. Hence you will also get all the news related to Indian government decisions for cryptocurrencies. Surely, you don’t want to miss the gossip.

19. Crypto Talks – 98.2K Subscribers

Here comes yet another excellent YouTube channel to learn cryptocurrency in India. Budhil Vyas is the owner of Crypto talks, where he uploads videos on trading and investing in the crypto market. He makes educational videos for people who want to make a profit from crypto and digital blockchain currencies.

Budhil’s concern is to cover technical aspects of crypto trading so that a regular guy can decide which crypto to buy or sell. If you’re a crypto trader or a wanna-be, you should definitely subscribe to this channel.

20. OptinInfluencers – 18.5K Subscribers

OptinInfluencers is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency in India. Don’t fall for the subscribers’ count of the channel. If you watch the channel, you will love the content and the uploading frequency.

Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, fintech, and finance are all covered by OptinInfluencers. This channel uploads videos for you with the most up-to-date information about Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, you’ll learn all the essential points that you should know before investing in any trending crypto. That’s why subscribing to this channel might save you from making wrong investing decisions.

Some Dos And Don’ts For Cryptocurrency Investing

There are many hidden terms and conditions in any investment, and you should be aware of that if you’re going to put your money. Hence, I’m listing some Dos and Don’ts that you should know before stepping into the crypto market.


  • Study and learn about blockchain technology before investing in any crypto coin.
  • Always seek the news and updates.
  • The more you learn, the more you’ll earn; prioritize learning before investing.


  • Do not buy crypto based on tips only, do your research mathematically.
  • Don’t sell your crypto coins because of the market crash, have patience.
  • You should not follow any pumping and dumping tips from any YouTuber or the admin. Though you can take ideas, always rely on your research. 


The crypto market is highly volatile and the riskiest yet most profitable one. You can make 100X returns and lose all of your capital at once. Always focus on learning before trading or investing in a coin.

Content creators like YouTubers, Bloggers, and Instagram influencers, all of them are make massive money from the topic of cryptocurrency. They are trying to convince you that crypto is the future. But wait. You don’t have to listen to anybody. Many people have indeed made huge profits by investing in crypto, and you can do it too. Just do your research, and only then you will be able to choose the right project that can generate you up to 100X returns.

At last, the article was about the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency in India. Apart from listing some fantastic channels, I’ve tried to cover every essential details that you should know before investing in cryptocurrencies. However, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding learning the crypto market, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

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