Connect and Celebrate: 99+ Best BTS Army WhatsApp Groups to Join in 2024

In the realm of K-pop fandom, the BTS Army stands out as one of the most passionate and dedicated fan communities in the world. With their unwavering support and love for BTS, the Army continues to grow and thrive, connecting fans from all corners of the globe. If you’re a BTS enthusiast looking to connect with fellow fans, share your love for the group, and stay updated on the latest news and updates, joining a BTS Army WhatsApp group is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the BTS fandom. In this article, we’ll explore the top 99+ BTS Army WhatsApp groups to join in 2024, catering to fans of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Best Blogger WhatsApp Groups in 2024

  • BTS ARMY πŸ’œ – Join
  • BTS group – Join
  • BTS Army – Join
  • BTS Army group – Join
  • πŸ’œOnly BTS ARMY GROUPπŸ’œ – Join
  • β™› JEON JUNGKOOK β™› – Join
  • BTS Forever – Join
  • BTS – Join
  • πŸ’œBTSπŸ’œ – Join

My Personal Favourite Blogger WhatsApp Groups

BTS ARMY πŸ’œ – Join
Welcome to the BTS ARMY! Join this group to connect with fellow BTS enthusiasts and celebrate your love for the iconic K-pop group. Share your favorite BTS moments, discuss their music, performances, and achievements, and bond with other ARMY members who share your passion for BTS.

BTS group – Join
Join this group to become part of a vibrant community of BTS fans. Whether you’re a new fan or a longtime supporter, this group provides a space to connect with fellow ARMY members, share BTS news and updates, and engage in lively discussions about all things BTS-related.

BTS Army – Join
Dive into the BTS Army community in this group dedicated to BTS fans. Connect with ARMY members from around the world, share your favorite BTS memes, fan art, and videos, and join in on the excitement surrounding BTS’s latest projects and achievements.

BTS Army group – Join
Join this BTS Army group to join forces with fellow fans in celebrating the global phenomenon that is BTS. From discussing BTS’s music and performances to sharing fan theories and memories, this group is a haven for ARMY members to come together and support their favorite group.

πŸ’œOnly BTS ARMY GROUPπŸ’œ – Join
Join the Only BTS ARMY GROUP to connect exclusively with fellow BTS ARMY members. Share your love for BTS, discuss their latest releases, and participate in ARMY-centric activities and events. This group is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community for BTS fans.

β™› JEON JUNGKOOK β™› – Join
Calling all Jungkook stans! Join this group dedicated to BTS member Jungkook, also known as the “Golden Maknae.” Share your favorite Jungkook moments, discuss his vocals, dance skills, and charming personality, and connect with other fans who admire this talented idol.

BTS Forever – Join
Join BTS Forever to celebrate the everlasting impact and legacy of BTS. Whether you’ve been a fan since their debut or just discovered their music, this group welcomes all ARMY members to share their love for BTS and create lasting memories together.

BTS – Join
Join this BTS group to join a diverse community of BTS fans from all walks of life. Share your favorite BTS songs, music videos, and performances, and engage in discussions about the group’s influence on pop culture and society.

πŸ’œBTSπŸ’œ – Join
Dive into the world of BTS with this group dedicated to the beloved K-pop group. Share your BTS fan art, fanfiction, and edits, and connect with fellow ARMY members who share your passion for BTS’s music, message, and impact on the world.

How to join the BTS Army WhatsApp Groups?

If you want to be a member of the BTS army then you need to follow some simple instructions which are given below – 

  1. Step β€“ first you need to install the official application of WhatsApp. 
  2. Step β€“ now you need to choose any WhatsApp group and click on the link which attach to that group name. 
  3. Step β€“ when you click on the link your WhatsApp application opens on your device and you see the join button on the screen.
  4. Step β€“ when you click on that join button you will become a member of your selected WhatsApp group. 

Note β€“ if you want to be a member of any other WhatsApp group then also you need to follow all the above steps again. 

Rules for BTS Army WhatsApp Groups

If you want to be a member of the BTS army groups then you need to follow some simple rules which are listed below – 

  • You need to be an active member and try to share some important information related to BTS. 
  • You can’t abuse any other BTS member.
  • You can’t promote any other type of Business or any other music band in this group.
  • You can’t share your contact information in this group.

Benefits of Joining BTS Army WhatsApp Groups

If you want to be a member of any BTS army WhatsApp groups then you get lots of benefits some of those benefits are listed below

  • You learn about different BTS music in this group.
  • You are able to contact lots of BTS army members and be able to share music and videos of BTS.
  • With any of the above groups, you are able to increase your friend circle and network among BTS fandom.


The BTS Army WhatsApp groups offer a thriving community for fans to come together, celebrate their love for BTS, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. With a diverse range of groups catering to different interests, from fan art and fanfiction to news updates and charity initiatives, there’s something for every BTS enthusiast to enjoy. By joining these groups, fans can deepen their connection to BTS, forge new friendships, and participate in meaningful fan activities that celebrate the music, message, and impact of BTS. So why wait? Join a BTS Army WhatsApp group today and become part of the global BTS fandom community!


  1. How do I join BTS Army WhatsApp groups?
    To join a BTS Army WhatsApp group, simply click on the provided invitation link shared on social media platforms, BTS fan forums, or through personal invitations from existing group members. Once you click the link, you’ll be directed to the WhatsApp app where you can confirm your membership.
  2. Are BTS Army WhatsApp groups free to join?
    Yes, joining BTS Army WhatsApp groups is typically free of charge. However, some groups may have specific entry requirements or guidelines for participation, so be sure to review these before joining.
  3. What kind of discussions take place in BTS Army WhatsApp groups?
    Discussions in BTS Army WhatsApp groups can cover a wide range of topics, including BTS news and updates, fan theories, music discussions, fan art showcases, charity initiatives, and more. It’s a space where fans come together to share their love for BTS and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow Army members.
  4. Can I share BTS-related content in BTS Army WhatsApp groups?
    Absolutely! BTS Army WhatsApp groups welcome members to share BTS-related content, including news updates, fan art, fanfiction, memes, music videos, and more. It’s a place to celebrate BTS and express your fandom in a supportive and inclusive environment.
  5. How can I ensure a positive experience in BTS Army WhatsApp groups?
    To ensure a positive experience in BTS Army WhatsApp groups, it’s essential to be respectful of other members, follow the group’s rules and guidelines, and contribute constructively to discussions. Avoid spreading rumors or engaging in toxic behavior, and instead focus on spreading positivity, supporting fellow fans, and celebrating the magic of BTS together.

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