39+ Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels [July 2023]

Telegram has become a popular platform for accessing various types of content, including movies. One of the most sought-after categories on Telegram is Malayalam movies. With the availability of numerous Malayalam movies Telegram channels, users can conveniently watch and download their favorite Malayalam movies without any hassle. In this article, we will explore some of the best Malayalam movies Telegram channels in May 2023, along with the benefits of using these channels and how to access them.

Benefits of Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Malayalam movies Telegram channels offer several advantages to movie enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

  1. Vast Collection of Movies: These channels provide access to a vast collection of Malayalam movies, ranging from the latest releases to classic gems. Users can easily find and watch their preferred movies without having to search through multiple websites or streaming platforms.
  2. High-Quality Content: Malayalam movies Telegram channels often offer movies in high-quality formats, such as HD or Blu-ray. This ensures an immersive viewing experience with excellent picture and sound quality.
  3. Regular Updates: The channels are regularly updated with new movie releases, ensuring that users can stay up-to-date with the latest Malayalam films. This eliminates the need to search for new movies individually.
  4. Convenience: Telegram channels provide a convenient way to access movies. Users can watch movies directly on their smartphones or download them for offline viewing. This flexibility allows users to enjoy movies at their convenience, whether they are traveling or relaxing at home.
  5. Community Interaction: Telegram channels foster a sense of community among movie enthusiasts. Users can interact with like-minded individuals, discuss movies, share recommendations, and engage in lively conversations related to Malayalam cinema.

Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels in May 2023

In May 2023, several Malayalam movies Telegram channels gained popularity among users. Let’s explore some of these channels and their unique features:

Malayalam Movies Telegram ChannelJoin Link
Movie Series 🍿Click Here
Malayalam Dubbed Movies🎥Click Here
Malayalam Action Movie NewsClick Here
MalayalamcinemahubClick Here
Entertainment Zone📺Click Here
New Malayalam MoviesClick Here
Malayalam Movies LatestClick Here
Malayalam HD MoviesClick Here
Kannada Tamil Malayalam DubbedClick Here
New Tamil Movies | Dubbed Hollywood MoviesClick Here
Malayalam Tamil Telugu Movies HDClick Here
Malayalam Tamil Telugu MoviesClick Here
Romancham | Chathuram | Malayalam HDClick Here
Romancham | Malayalam HDClick Here
Malayalam Tamil New MoviesClick Here
Anuragam | 2018 Movie ⚡️Click Here
Romancham_Malayalam_HD_movieClick Here

Movie Series 🍿

Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Movie Series 🍿 offers a vast collection of Malayalam movies, ranging from the latest releases to evergreen classics. The channel focuses on providing high-quality content and regularly updates its movie library. With a user-friendly interface, Movie Series ensures a seamless browsing experience for its subscribers. Clearly one of my personal favorite Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels.

Malayalam Dubbed Movies🎥

Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Malayalam Dubbed Movies🎥 specializes in offering a curated selection of Malayalam movies that cater to different genres and tastes. With a strong emphasis on quality, this channel provides movies in various formats, including HD and subtitles for non-Malayalam speakers. The channel’s dedicated administrators ensure regular updates and quick responses to user requests.

Entertainment Zone📺

Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Entertainment Zone📺 is known for its extensive collection of both recent and classic Malayalam movies. It prides itself on providing movies with excellent video and audio quality, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. Entertainment Zone📺 also offers a unique recommendation system based on user preferences, helping subscribers discover new movies of interest.

Movies Mallu

Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Movies Mallu is a popular choice among Malayalam movie enthusiasts for its well-organized movie library. The channel features movies from various genres, including drama, comedy, romance, and action. Movies Mallu also provides users with a user-friendly search function, making it easy to find specific movies or browse based on different criteria.


Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

Malayalamcinemahub focuses on offering a diverse range of Malayalam movies, including independent films and critically acclaimed masterpieces. The channel is known for its commitment to promoting lesser-known movies and supporting emerging filmmakers in the Malayalam film industry. Malayalamcinemahub provides a platform for users to discover hidden gems and appreciate the artistry of Malayalam cinema.

A few more channels that you might like –

Malayalam Dubbed Movie Channel NameJoin Link
Malayalam Movies DubbedClick Here
RRR Malayalam Movie | RRR MalayalamClick Here
Movies MalluClick Here
Horror Time | Hollywood Tamil DubbedClick Here
Malayalam OLD MoviesClick Here
New Malayalam Movies 2022Click Here
Love (2021) Malayalam MovieClick Here

Joining and Accessing the Best Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels

To join and access Malayalam movies Telegram channels, follow these simple steps:

How to Join a Telegram Channel

  1. Download and install the Telegram app on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Create an account using your mobile number.
  3. Open the Telegram app and tap on the search bar.
  4. Type the name of the desired Malayalam movie channel you want to join.
  5. Tap on the channel from the search results.
  6. Click on the “Join” button to become a member of the channel.

Steps to Find and Join Malayalam Movie Channels on Telegram

  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Tap on the search bar.
  3. Enter relevant keywords such as “Malayalam movies” or “Malayalam cinema.”
  4. Browse through the search results to find channels that match your interests.
  5. Read the channel descriptions, check user reviews if available, and assess the number of subscribers.
  6. Once you find a suitable channel, tap on it to open the channel’s profile.
  7. Click on the “Join” button to become a member.

Please note that while Malayalam movies Telegram channels offer convenience and a vast movie collection, it’s essential to consider certain precautions and legal considerations.

Precautions and Legal Considerations

  1. Copyright Laws: Be aware of copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without permission is illegal and can lead to legal consequences.
  2. Verify Channel Authenticity: To ensure a safe and reliable movie-watching experience, verify the authenticity of the Telegram Malayalam movie channels. Join channels that are reputable and have positive user reviews.
  3. Personal Data Protection: Exercise caution while sharing personal information or engaging in financial transactions on Telegram. Beware of potential scams or fraudulent activities.
  4. Virus Protection: Ensure that your devices have reliable antivirus software installed to protect against malware or viruses that may be present in downloaded files.

By following these precautions and being mindful of legal considerations, you can enjoy the benefits of Malayalam movies Telegram channels safely and responsibly.


Telegram Malayalam movie channels have revolutionized the way people access and enjoy Malayalam cinema. With their vast movie collections, regular updates, and high-quality content, these channels provide an unparalleled movie-watching experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can easily join and explore the popular Telegram Malayalam movie channels available in May 2023. However, it’s important to adhere to legal considerations and take precautions while using these channels to ensure a safe and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I download movies from Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels?

Yes, Telegram Malayalam movie channels often provide the option to download movies for offline viewing. However, it’s crucial to respect copyright laws and only download movies that are legally available or have the necessary permissions.

Are Malayalam Movies Telegram Channels legal?

The legality of Telegram Malayalam movie channels can vary depending on the content they share. While some channels may offer movies with proper authorization, others may distribute copyrighted material without permission. It’s essential to exercise caution, verify the legitimacy of channels, and respect intellectual property rights.

How can I find more Malayalam movies channels on Telegram?

You can find more Malayalam movie channels on Telegram by using relevant keywords in the app’s search bar. Explore different search terms like “Malayalam movies,” “Malayalam cinema,” or specific movie titles to discover additional channels.

Are there any subscription fees for accessing these channels?

Most Malayalam movie Telegram channels are free to join and access. However, some channels may offer premium content or additional features at a subscription cost. It’s important to review the channel’s description and any associated costs before joining.

Can I request specific movies on these channels?

Some Malayalam movie Telegram channels allow users to make movie requests. However, it’s at the discretion of channel administrators to fulfill those requests based on availability and other factors. Check the channel’s guidelines or ask the administrators for more information on requesting specific movies.

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