10 Best Telegram Channels For Business [Best Picks]

Following your passion and starting working for yourself sounds exciting. However, it might not be easy to start a thriving business. You will need a proper strategy and research to run your business successfully. Joining a Telegram channel might help you in various ways to run your business. That’s why I’m listing here the 10 best Telegram channels for business.

Here are some benefits of starting your own business.

  • You’ll be your own boss; you can have a work/life balance. You will be able to take leaves whenever you want.
  • Owning a business can lead you to financial independence. You can be super-rich if you work hard in your early days.
  • You can save taxes through your business; that you won’t get this facility in a professional job. 
  • If you have your business, you can choose the people you want to work with.
  • And the best part of owning a business will be you can follow your passion that you won’t get in any job.
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List Of Best Telegram Channels for Business

Different people might have a different purpose to join a telegram channel for business. You might want to discuss your ideas or look for an idea, or just want to be updated with the business news. To fulfill all kinds of purposes, I’m listing ten different telegram channels that share information related to the business and startup ideas.

1. Business Insider

Business Insider is a very popular website that covers news and other topics related to the business. This telegram channel is the official channel run by the Business Insider team. It has 19K+ subscribers and growing; joining is free, so is the news.

Moreover, if you want to stay updated with every news and important topic about the business industry, join now. You can find like-minded people to grow together or learn from each other.

2. Mint Business News – Official Channel

Mint Business News is another very famous website that covers business news. The Mint business news team officially runs this telegram channel. So that this is authentic and you will get truthful information on what’s going on in the business industry.
Furthermore, Mint business news has a 109K+ subscriber base, and you can’t go wrong with this channel for the news related to business.

3. The Unicorn | Startups & Business

“The Unicorn | Startups & Business” is my favorite channel on the list. If you want to start a business or already have an established one, I highly recommend joining The Unicorn. This channel has 8K+ subscribers and posts quality content on popular websites that you can’t find.

Moreover, you’ll get news and ideas about startups that will help you grow your business. The infographics and charts related to the startups and business news are helpful. Furthermore, they post news about the upcoming innovations and the creative ideas that you can implement.

4. All India Business/Startup Group

If you are just a guy who wants to start something or create in the form of business, you might need a community to discuss. All India Business/Startup Group might be a good option for any business discussion. More than 5 thousand members of the group share the same thought process.

However, this is a group, not a channel, so that you can also ask or post your queries and suggestions to the group. You can learn how to buy and sell products online and much more. Joining is free, and you don’t want to miss out the things.

5. Euphoria | StartUps & Business News

Euphoria | StartUps & Business News is one of the best telegram channels for business. The channel has around 3K like-minded subscribers. I like those telegram channels that don’t miss out there posting frequency, and Euphoria is one of them. You’ll get daily posts on new startups and business news across the globe.

By following the news, you can use your creativity to innovate something new in your region. Joining this channel will indeed help you to grow shortly.


Starting a business is easy, but making it successful is significantly challenging. People make mistakes in their early phases. Eventually, they learn and become successful. Life is not that big to learn from your own mistakes. Therefore, you can learn business lessons from the books.

FREE BUSINESS BOOKS is one of the best telegram channels for business. From here, you can download various business books that can help you grow a successful startup or business. This channel is different than the rest of the listed channels. You can download free business books from the channel.

7. Business Standard Official

Business Standard Official is yet another excellent telegram channel for business. With more than 97K+ subscribers, this channel is one of the best for sharing news and all financial topics from India. If you were looking for a business telegram channel covering everything from India, you must check out the Business standard official.

Moreover, the channel is authentic and consistent in providing financial, stock market, and upcoming rules and regulations related to the business industry.

8. Startup ideas💡

“Startup ideas” is one of the best telegram channels for those looking forward to starting something independently. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like a 9 to 5 job and wants to be your own boss, then it is obvious you must start a business.

However, business ideas are not easy to obtain in the real world. That’s why the Startup ideas telegram channel might help you find the next best startup of yours. The channel has 24K+ subscribers, and you will get ideas to start or improve your existing business consistently.

Moreover, I like the idea of this channel that they don’t share spammy links and images. They only share the tips and tricks that can enhance your business revenue.

9. Money & Business Hacks 💼

“To be successful at anything, you don’t have to be different. You simply have to be what most people aren’t: consistent.” You will get more such content on Money & Business Hacks. With around 20K subscribers this channel shares motivational quotes related to the business and startups that will help you keep going through your tough times.

Even if you lack the talent you can win the business game by being consistent at it. Most of the time people lose focus and that’s why joining this channel will motivate them to keep pushing the limits in order to achieve their financial goals.

10. TED Talks

And last but not least, TED Talks is one of the best telegram channels for business that you should join.TED is a global community that welcomes people from all disciplines and cultures who have grasped something special in the world. At TED talks, the experienced people share the knowledge they have learned along with their journey.

I highly recommend joining TED Talks to everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and learn something new from the experts. Moreover, the channel has around 17K subscribers, and you will get links for the TED Talks videos, which you can also watch on YouTube.

I’ve learned a lot through TED Talks and I’m sure you will find this helpful too.

Bottom Line

A business owner can benefit from enhancing their firm or industry by joining the right telegram channel. A person can successfully start a business with the ideas of the telegram channels. Moreover, people also can stay motivated by consistently reading the news and motivational quotes accordingly.

The post was about the best telegram channels for business. I’ve tried to cover various telegram channels that are different from each other and share something that can help an entrepreneur or a wanna-be.

Let us know which channel you found helpful and what kind of business you want to start. Please feel free to write down your great thoughts in the comment section.

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