Top 10 Best Stock Market Courses In India [2023]

Best Stock Market Courses In India: Savings are very important for every individual. Saving money today will save you money tomorrow. This famous quote, I’m sure you’ve heard or read before. However, there is a significant difference between saving money and investing it. 

You must realize that preserving money will not make you wealthy in the long run. Investing your money will make you wealthy in the long run. Nowadays, investing is a must-have ability, yet most individuals find it difficult. Here I’m listing the top 10 best stock market courses in India that will help you learn the stock market in a shorter period.

If you’re looking for free courses, you can learn from most of these online institutes, but you won’t get any certificates. However, if you’re looking for courses that can provide you with a job as a consultant or analyst, these courses can also help you with that. 

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List Of Best 10 Stock Market Courses In India

Many institutes offer stock market courses and certifications to help you understand stock market trading and investing. But, choosing the right one is very important because this will affect your hard-earned money. However, if you are looking for a job, you should always select an authorized institute like NISM’s certificate. On the other hand, if you don’t care about the certificate, you can also learn from their study materials for absolutely free.

1. NISM – National Institute of Securities Market Certifications

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) established this institute to disseminate best practices, expertise and learning in the financial markets. The institute maintains a number of locations across the country to accommodate as many exam takers as possible.

NISM assists Indian market participants in raising their financial skills to the appropriate level of expertise. This allows them to provide high-quality service and actions to anyone interested in investing in the stock markets.

Anyways, Here is the list of the best certifications offered by NISM:

  1. NISM Mutual Fund Distributor
  2. Mutual Fund Foundation
  3. Investment Advisor Level 1 & Level 2
  4. NISM Research Analyst
  5. NISM Series V-C Mutal Fund Distributor Level 2
  6. Mutual Fund Distributors in Hindi
  7. NISM Equity Derivatives
  8. NISM Securities Operations & Risk Management
  9. NISM-Series-XII: Securities Market Foundation
  10. NISM Currency Derivatives.

Choose your favorite category in the stock market. Read, learn and whenever you feel ready, give any of these exams to get a certificate from NISM.

2. NSE academy

This academy was created to provide newbie investors with fundamental financial knowledge and education as they begin their stock market journey. The training institute offers a variety of courses aimed at imparting financial knowledge to students, as well as certification for those looking to advance their careers.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, everyone can find courses and certificate programs. NSE Academy offers the following certification programs:

  • NSE Academy Certified Market Professional (NCMP)
  • Weekend Executive Batches Programs
  • NISM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program
  • Management Development Programs
  • Certification on Options Trading Strategies in Python: Basic
  • Certification in Online Research, Trading & Advisory (CRTA)
  • Online NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMPP)
  • Certification in Online Technical Analysis
  • Certification On Options Trading Strategies in Python: Intermediate
  • Certificate in online Options strategies
  • Equity Research And Valuation Course
  • Future and Option Trading Strategies
  • Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis.

However, you can still find out more courses by the NSE Academy by visiting their website.

The NCFM course is one of the most popular among the aforementioned courses. The course structure includes hands-on experience and online testing for the abilities needed to work in the financial markets.

Apart from improving stock market understanding, NSE academy courses can also help students who want to establish a strong resume for the financial sector.

3. BSE academy

BSE Academy is one of the best academies in India. We also know BSE as Bombay Stock Exchange which provides a variety of courses for stock market investors or beginners who want to improve their market knowledge.

At BSE Academy, you can find various courses related to the stock or financial market. There are courses available for every type of person whether you’re a graduate or not. Even if you are looking for knowledge only, you will find the study material for you.

Here are the listed categories for different individuals at the BSE Academy:

  • Vocational Courses
  • Graduate Courses
  • Post Graduate Courses
  • Professional Studies
  • International Courses
  • Skill Certification.

However, here are the best stock market courses that you should look after at BSE Academy:

  • Technical analysis
  • Risk management
  • Stock market
  • Equity research.
  • Bond market
  • Investment banking

The BSE Academy Certification on Financial Management, or BCFM, is in charge of the exams and certification for these courses. The following are the key features of the courses offered by BSE academy:

  • Exams and certification
  • Covers a wide range of stock market subjects 
  • Offers professional-level knowledge
  • Detailed course material is offered with each course.

4. Nifty Trading Academy

Nifty Trading Academy: The next generation of trading is one of the best training institutes in India. If you want to gain knowledge or start trading, you can get excellent benefits from the Nifty trading academy. The courses are designed to focus on technical analysis in order to provide in-depth awareness for the beginners to advance level of investors.

Mr. Hitendra Dixit founded Nifty Trading Academy in 2011 with the goal of becoming the best stock trading institute in the community.

Nifty Trading Academy: The next generation of trading is one of the best training institutes in India. If you want to gain knowledge or start trading, you can get excellent benefits from the Nifty trading academy.

Here are some highlights of Nifty trading academy’s achievements:

  • Nifty Trading Academy has won the national education excellence award for being the best share market training institute in 2018.
  • They received a gold medal from the India Book of Records for intraday trading and investment with 100 percent accuracy over a period of 18 months.
  • Nifty trading academy is an ISO 9001 certified institute, which indicates trustworthiness.

Here are some of the best things I liked about Nifty Trading Academy:

  • Live Future and options trading class are one of the best ways to teach their students. You’re going to learn a lot like this.
  • This is rare that this institute is offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can leave and ask for a refund.
  • Lifetime membership is the best thing that you’re getting with Nifty Trading academy; whenever you feel like forgetting your rules and concepts about stock trading and investments, you can quickly revisit the course.

Courses that Nifty Trading Academy Offers:

  1. Beginner course: that starts with Rs.5999.
  2. Intraday course: If you’re a risk taker and want to learn intraday trading then, you can enroll this course for Rs.9999.
  3. Timing The Trade: that involves learning and applying technical analysis of the stock market in order to make intraday profits This includes in-depth course material that assist in making better decisions. You can enroll this course for Rs. 74999. This is quite expensive but once you fully understand the market; you can earn way more than that.
  4. Pure Profit Course: With the price of Rs.353999, this is the most expensive course available on Nifty Trading Academy. However, you will be enrolled in the Pure Profit programme, which includes technical analysis software, with this purchase. It enables in maximising profits through the use of real-time stock market techniques.

All these courses are available in Hindi, English, and Gujarati language.

5. NIFM – National Institute of Financial Markets

Here comes yet another one of the best Stock market courses training institutes. NIFM provides the best courses for those interested in pursuing a career in the stock market or becoming successful traders or investors. The Ministry of Finance established this institute in 1993. It provides a wide range of stock market courses online, as well as certification exams.

Here are some of the USP of NIFM, that’s why you should consider it.

  • Recognize the key financial levers that influence financial performance.
  • Learn why and how finance is concerned with cash flow versus profits.
  • Determine how to create and measure stock value.
  • investigate how the capital markets operate and how they affect your business.

List of best stock market courses by NIFM:

  • Options trading strategy module
  • Fundamental Analysis Certificate Course
  • Technical Analysis Certification online course
  • Mutual Fund Advanced Module
  • Post-graduate diploma in financial management
  • Post-graduate diploma in research analysis
  • NIFM Certified Smart Investor Course
  • Fundamental Analysis for Trading in Equity and Commodity
  • Equity Research certification course.

6. ISFM – International School Of Financial Market

ISFM is another one of the top stock market institutes that provides one of the best courses for beginners to advanced stock investors. A stock market training institute that has grown to become one of the best centers for excellence in stock market schooling, ISFM was officially established in 2013. Furthermore, If you’re looking for some quality study materials, then ISFM might deserve your attention.

However, ISFM offers courses on the securities market that cover everything from equity derivatives to commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and stock market technical analysis.

They also provide a 360-degree awareness of Financial literacy & investors’ awareness program. No wonder they are fulfilling their slogan: “Way To Financial Abundance.”

Here’s the list of best stock market courses offered by ISFM:

  • Technical analysis course
  • Fundamental analysis training
  • Diploma in Stock trading
  • Advance derivatives analysis
  • Certified financial planner.

ISFM provides various courses for beginners to advanced stock traders. However, if you’re looking for a career in stock market investing and trading you should choose NISM certificates.

7. IFMC Institute – Courses On Indian Stock Markets For Making Career In Share Trading & Jobs

With a motto of “First Learn and then Earn,” IFMC is one of India’s best stock market institutes. Their goal is to encourage all job seekers and knowledge seekers to continue their education and develop intelligent minds. 

Today, IFMC is one of the most reputable names in the stock market education industry. The institute is ranked as India’s No. 1 Stock Market Institute, with many students pursuing over 26+ programs.

Moreover, IFMC has a dedicated team of 50 technical analysts, research analysts, financial advisors, and other faculty members who work in a meritocratic and professional environment led by professional stock market teachers. All these improve the quality and trustworthiness of the institute.

Best stock market courses by IFMC institute:

  • Diploma in Financial stock market course
  • Stock market course for traders; this one is very famous among the stock traders.
  • Research Analyst by SEBI, NISM XV Series
  • Technical analysis course by IFMC – RS.5400 (Prices may vary according to their offer periods)
  • Options trading strategies by Manish Taneja – Rs.5400
  • Mutual fund module
  • Stock market quick trader course.

8. DICC – Best Stock Market Courses In Delhi

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) is one of the most well-known stock market institutes in Delhi, with a large number of positive reviews, ratings, and feedback from students from all over India. DICC provides courses for students & beginners, business professionals, and housewives. 

DICC specializes in providing high-quality stock market education in Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Derivative Analysis, and Options Analysis. They also have expertise in providing training for NSE, NISM, and SEBI examinations and assisting students in obtaining certifications and establishing careers in the accounting, stock market, and financial institutions.

Moreover, on DICC you can get various other courses like cyber security and digital marketing in value for money prices.

DICC provides training by lecturers with more than 10 years of experience. However, the benefit of joining their courses is you will get lifetime support with that and you will also get NSE certification after the completion.

Best stock market courses by DICC:

  • Module: 2 Equity Market Analysis
  • Module: 5 Technical Analysis
  • DICC: Module: 6 Fundamental Analysis
  • Module: 8 Option Analysis
  • Module: 11 Intra-Day Trading
  • DICC: Module: 13 Elliot Wave Theory
  • Module: 17 Stock Selection and Trading
  • Module: 27 Risk Management.

9. IISMA – Indian Institute Of Stock Market Analysis

Next on the list is the Indian Institute Of Stock Market Analysis, IISMA, a well-known stock market training provider located in Chandigarh. IISMA is committed to creating wealth for people by increasing their knowledge of the stock market so they can become better analysts and professional traders.

However, IISMA is one of the highest-rated institutes in India that provides courses for technical and fundamental analysis of stocks. They strive to provide the best research to assist you in growing your portfolio, and we also teach you how to trade professionally.

Best Stock market courses offered by IISMA:

  • Derivative Engineering
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

IISMA provides the most value-for-money courses on the list. If you’re on a tight budget, you should definitely have a look at their courses offerings. Moreover, All of their courses are most suitable for students, stock analysts, and financial professionals.


And not but least Financial Corridor is one of the best stock market courses training institutes in India. Financial Corridor Institute Delhi is a world-class provider of technical analysis, stock market courses, and corporate training. They develop traders’ skills and disseminate knowledge all over the world by providing awesome courses.

However, you can access technical analysis course, stock market course, advanced technical analysis, Mellott wave course, Gann trading, financial modelling course, intraday trading course , intraday strategies, diploma in financial market, derivative course, and more.

Financial Corridor offers high-quality stock market courses for beginners to advanced investors.

Here’s the list of best stock market courses offered by Financial Corridor:

  • Technical Analysis Program: For beginners in a live market.
  • Diploma In Financial Market: Currency market with NISM certification.
  • Advance Technical Analysis: Fibonacci & Gann Techniques
  • Intraday Strategy Program: Strategies for a different asset class
  • Forex Pro Trading Course: Forex Methodology with Technical Analysis.

Remember one thing, they do not refund for the online enrollments. Because they provide some high-quality recorded lectures for the online courses and thus you should not raise the refund request. That will be not fair.


Those were the top 10 best stock market courses by top institutes in India, I’ve listed the very best according to my research. You may find hundreds of such institutes on the internet. Most of them provide excellent knowledge and help you to become a successful investor or trader. All you have to do is find your interest, whether you want to be a long-term investor or a risk-taker trader.

Also, there’s a huge chance if you’re looking for certifications then you might wanna become a financial advisor. Very well, you will find some of the best courses according to your interest.

However, I highly recommend you to visit the websites of the training institutes so you can have a better idea of the courses.

Choose any of the courses based on your interest, practice, start small, finally, you will have some personal investing experience then you can start your financial journey. All the very best and happy trading.


Can I Learn Stock Market Course Online?

Yes! you can learn stock market courses online, in fact, there are many institutes that offer online live classes for stock market trading and investments. If you’re limited by the locality, you can and should learn the stock market online.

Which Course Is Best For The Indian Stock Market?

It depends on your goals. If you’re just a student and want to make a career in the stock market then, you can choose a diploma in stock trading. Or if you’re a job seeker you should go for NISM certification, which is the most valuable and 100% job assured.

Can I Learn the Indian Stock Market For Free?

Yes! you can learn about the Indian stock market for free. If you don’t care about the certificate, you can learn from the study material of BSE and NSE. However, there are many YouTube channels that share information regarding stock market trading and investing. You can get the knowledge from there as well.

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