20 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

Is it possible to learn about the stock market for free through the Internet? Well, the straightforward answer to this question is a yes. Here I’m going to list the 20 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market.

The internet is the best thing that happens to human life. Nowadays anybody can learn anything from the internet for absolutely free.

Though there are various online learning platforms. YouTube is one of the best to learn for free. After the covid pandemic, people around the globe are getting further financially aware.

Apparently, the Indian web series named “SCAM 1992.” has played a significant role in people’s increasing interest in the stock market. Many people want to invest in the stock market, but they don’t know-how.

Any financial investing involves risk. Investing in the stock market requires learning and knowledge. You must learn all the modalities before investing in the stock market to minimize the risk factors.

Now, these questions might arrive in your mind, like which video to watch for learning the stock market? Which is the best youtube channel to learn share market? How much time is it going to take in the process of acquiring enough knowledge before investing? I’m going to clear each and every possible doubt of yours related to learning the stock market.

20 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

All these channels are not listed in any particular order, they are all best according to the viewer’s requirement.

1. Convey by FinnovationZ – 1.58M Subscribers

Convey By FinnovationZ is a finance channel with 1.58 million subscribers and growing. Prasad is the founder of the channel, and he also runs a financial website.

He uploads videos about all the topics related to the stock market, investment, taxation, budget, and other economic aspects.

However, people love his animated case study that inspires most of them to invest in the stock market.

If you’re not from a financial background and having difficulty learning the stock market, this channel will be the best pick to attain all the essential principles about financial things. You’ll get to learn every basic to intermediate level of knowledge with easy examples.

2. Labour Law Advisor – 1.93M Subscribers

Labour Law Advisor, aka LLA, is a famous youtube channel founded by Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill on 12th August 2017. They upload videos every Tuesday and Friday about Business & Labour Laws and Finance & investment, respectively.

If you are an employee doing a corporate job, this channel will help you understand the tactics behind the labor laws and how you can get strengthen your financial condition.

However, they come live on Instagram to answer all of your doubts related to financial management or investing in the stock market. So don’t forget to follow the channel on Instagram as well.

3. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade – 2.98M Subscribers

CA Rachna is the best youtube channel to understand financial management. Rachna is a veteran Charted Accountant; she was a teacher with 10+ years of experience, which reflects in her videos too.

Rachna shares complete share market information for beginners in the most effortless way possible. Moreover, you will get a complete fundamental analysis of the stocks and upcoming IPOs on her channel.

She uploads videos on stock markets, mutual fund investments, cryptocurrency, retirement plans, and more in easy Hindi. Moreover, you will find the playlist for all the financial categories and her masterclasses.

There is a reason she currently has 2.98M subscribers and the numbers are still growing.

4. Warikoo – 906K Subscribers

This channel is my personal favorite; Ankur Warikoo runs this channel and is a non monetize channel in the list. The benefit is you are not going to see any ad in between the videos.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, a financial speaker, and an angel investor as well. He uploads videos on personal finance, career advice, and startups every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The videos are available in Hindi & English, both languages. I like Ankur Warikoo’s channel because he gives genuine and unbiased personal advice based on his life experience.

5. Pranjal Kamra – 3.02M Subscribers

Hands down, this is the best youtube channel to learn investing in the stock market. It doesn’t matter if you’re from a commerce background or not; you still can make profits by investing in stock markets.

Pranjal’s expertise is investing; he also has written a book Investonomy based on his six years of investing experience. You can buy if you want or learn most of the things by watching the playlist of your interest.

Long-term investment in the stock market is the best way to earn from the market. If you have the patience, you will soon have the wealth.

6. Asset Yogi – 2.62M Subscribers

Asset name rightly justifies the niche of his channel. You will get the complete playlist filled with minor details by investing in the stock market, mutual funds, real estate, and trading. Any beginner can quickly learn the stock market by watching their videos.

Moreover, Asset Yogi also uploads videos on financial problems and guides we face in our daily life. You will learn almost everything about financial investment and career growth.

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7. Honestly by Tanmay Bhat – 724K Subscribers

Honestly By Tanmay Bhat, run by a famous comedian Tanmay Bhat. He’s the kind of guy who speaks anything, and people laugh. Tanmay is not just your average comedian. He’s a multi-talented gamer, streamer, writer, and investor too.

He has a separate gaming channel, but he made this one for sharing financial knowledge based on his own experiences. While watching his first investing video, I was blown away by his knowledge of financial management. The way he represents his thoughts, any beginner can easily understand.

This channel is currently growing and might not have many videos on stock market investing. But I’m sure more valuable videos are on the way.

8. Groww – 1.04M Subscribers

With 1M subscribers, Groww is a leading youtube channel covering every aspect of the stock market. At the very beginning, Groww was an investing app launched in April 2016. The app is now thriving and provides users to invest directly through the smartphone app.

To add more value to their users, Groww started its official youtube channel on 23 June 2017. You will learn every single detail related to the stock market and investing. Groww shares the videos in English that any beginner can understand easily.

Moreover, the Groww team has made many playlists that cover different topics related to stock market investment. If you’re looking for professionals, you’ll find their thoughts and ideas on the Groww YouTube channel.

9. SIDDHARTH BHANUSHALI – 540K Subscribers

Siddharth Bhanushali is the name of the person behind this YouTube channel. He is a professional stock market investor and shares his own experience on the channel. Siddharth is doing an excellent job for beginners who wants to invest in the stock market.

He uses Hindi in his videos that help beginners to understand the basics of the share market fundamentals. This channel will be the best on the list for those who are more into stock market trading.

You can find swing, optional, intraday, and other different trading methods that will make you financially stable.

Furthermore, Siddharth also shares the technical analysis of the stocks that will help you to choose the right stock before investing.

The stock market is not convenient, but you will gain immense courage to start your investing journey after watching this channel’s videos.

10. Kritika Yadav – 506K Subscribers

With a significant following on YouTube, Kritika Yadav targets the beginner audience interested in the stock market. Her videos focus on topics like the stock market, mutual funds, and personal finance.

Kritika uses Hindi to elaborate the fundamentals of the share market and technical analysis based upon her experiences. So that any newbie can get the reasoning and tactics behind Kritika’s videos. She’s a growing influencer to share the stock market education with ordinary people and families.

Since the subscriber’s count is not very high thus, you can ask queries in the comment section. There are high chances that you will get your reply if you comment in the first hour whenever she uploads the video.

11. B Wealthy – 413K Subscribers

B Wealthy is a finance YouTube channel runs and manage by Swati. Swati is a professional yet not SEBI registered advisor. She has a lot of experience in money management, debt investment, and personal finance.

Swati believes that anyone can become rich by long-term investing. She knows value investing very well that also appears in her videos accordingly.

This channel is best suitable for beginners who want to secure their financial future. You will get a total of 360 views of the finance management and the right way to invest in the stock market.

For working professionals, she elaborates on how to manage taxation and IPO analysis as well. For youngsters, she has the best advice that time can make anyone rich. You just have to keep enough patience.

12. Neeraj Joshi – 1.45M Subscribers

Neeraj Joshi is the man who runs this channel. He is a stock market investor and financial advisor. The beginners are going to get all the required knowledge to invest in the stock market.

Neeraj uploads videos in Hindi with introductory examples. You will get to know how to multiply your money through the share market in an easy way.

Either investing or trading, whatever your interest is, you will get every introductory video on that particular topic. I genuinely appreciate Neeraj’s hard work that he’s put into this channel. You will learn every trading type with live examples.

He uploads videos on financial book summaries that give economic ideas to the people. Moreover, Neeraj also shares motivational videos to boost you up between his investing and financial videos.

Although Neeraj Joshi uploads some truthful information, his videos include trading that involves risk too. So it is up to you that you don’t have to follow all of his instructions blindly. I’m talking about trading, and you can get ideas about how to invest and how to do the technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks.

13. Booming Bulls – 506K Subscribers

Booming Bulls is the only channel on the list that focuses on learning the stock market basics and trading. Anish Singh Thakur founded this channel in November 2019. Until then, he’s got 29,304,257 views and growing.

Anish covers the topics that no finance YouTuber does. He shares the psychology of trading and stock market investments.

Booming Bulls is best for the youngsters who want to be financially stable by themselves. However, the stock market is a business that doesn’t work for everybody. One must learn that the stock market is not a gambling game; it’s a game of selecting the right stocks at the right time.

Everything that is needed to be learned by any investor is already present on Booming Bulls. You’ll be going to find this channel very helpful if you don’t know where to start.

14. Wealth SaGa – 820K Subscribers

“You are worthy of being wealthy.” says the creators of Wealth SaGa. With more than 820k+ subscribers, Wealth SaGa is providing videos on financial literacy.

Wealth SaGa is a team of NSE registered team of management graduates in the direction of Garima Dubey and Sumit Dubey.

Many channels provide knowledge on investing in the stock market, but this channel helps you keep updated with the stocks daily. You will get daily morning and evening updates on the stock market news.

The team is consistent in sharing regular updates on market news and stock positions. If you’re an investor, indeed, this is a worthy channel of your subscription.

15. Stock Market INDIA

Stock Market India is one of the best youtube channels to stay updated with the market news and capitals.

This channel is not for beginners. If you want to learn the stock market fundamentals and strategies, there are other channels. But if you are already an investor, then this channel is going to help you a lot.

You will get daily videos on the market’s stock positions and IPO updates. Staying updated is a must thing for stock market investors. It would be best if you looked at this channel at once.

You’ll indeed find this channel helpful even if you are a beginner to some extent. Because this channel also shares interesting gossips and news on what’s happening in the share market.

16. Akshat Shrivastava – 416K Subscribers

Akshat Shrivastava joined YouTube on 24 August 2020 and already got 18,021,469 views. That’s quite an achievement already. Until then, he’s got 416K subscribers, and the numbers are still growing.

Akshat has put some genuine efforts into this youtube channel by making such fantastic content. He uploads videos on learning the stock market, cryptocurrency, financial management, and more.

Moreover, he shares fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks through his lifelong experiences. His videos are informational yet motivational. Akshat also shares the case study of different finance stories that catch the viewers’ attention towards the stock market.

17. ProCapital.MohdFaiz

The objective of this channel is to create wealth for its viewers so that everybody can have a prosperous life. If you want to become an investor and a trader simultaneously, this is the best youtube channel that I would like to suggest.

However, it is not advisable to do trading and investing simultaneously. But if you are one of those people who want to do so, this is your channel.

You’ll get a technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks. This channel is the fastest to provide the latest share market news.

This youtube channel is not for beginners, but it is indeed the best for investors and traders.

18. Stock 4 Retail – 113K Subscribers

Stock 4 Retail is one of the best youtube channels to learn Indian stock market. You will get a 360 view of total investing and financial management. This channel is the best for beginners and intermediates as well.

Stock4Retail shares trendy market news that helps you choose the right stocks. A complete fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market to understand the market behaviors.

You will also learn how to invest in mutual funds and SIPs: motivational case studies and summaries of financial books that help you increase your knowledge.

Moreover, Stock4Retail gives you ideas on stock buying guides and tutorials accordingly.
Whether you are a working professional or a student, you must watch his videos to learn the basics to intermediate knowledge of the stock market.

19. Ghanshyam Tech – 268K Subscribers

Although the list is the best youtube channel to learn Indian stock market, I’m listing this channel especially for the people interested in trading.

Trading involves more risk than investing in the stock market. But you can earn more frequently by trading rather than the stock market investing.

Ghanshyam Tech’s sole purpose is to provide news on stock trading, so you must check out this channel if you’re planning something like that.

You will also learn the psychology of investing in the stock markets, upcoming IPO updates, and calls for nifty and bank nifty.

20. Chat With Traders – 180K Subscribers

I had to put this channel on the list. Chat with traders is the unique youtube channel for learning the stock market. On this channel, you will listen to the podcast of various successful stock market investors.

Aaron Fifield runs this channel. He invites some talented investors, traders to learn something from each of them. Various investors share different and individual stories of their life that inspire many ordinary people to become wealthy by investing.

Though this channel might not learn the stock market from scratch, an intermediate will indeed find these podcasts valuable.

The videos are more like a conversation between two people in the form of questions and answers; hence you can listen to that while doing any other work. Their talks include trading, forex, crypto, financial management, and stock markets.

21. SOIC – 125K Subscribers (BONUS)

SOIC, aka School of Intrinsic Compounding, is a youtube platform that helps people learn and invest wisely in the Indian stock market.

If you’re looking for unique youtube channels that share something unique on the stock market investing, then SOIC is one of them.

SOIC shares fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market. You will also get inspiring and engaging case studies that help people to invest intelligently.


The article was about the 20 best youtube channels to learn Indian Stock Market. I did my research, and I’ve listed various YouTube channels with different types of financial knowledge they provide. 

I’ve tried to cover every channel that would surely help any beginner who wants to learn the Indian stock market from scratch.

Although trading is very different from stock market investing, you will find information for both on the YouTube channels accordingly. 

If you’ve made up your mind that you surely want to invest in the stock market, it is advisable to choose long-term investing through the stock market. Trading is for those who are seeking fun while investing and don’t care much about the money. 

However, if you’re thinking of investing, apparently, you want to make more money. Still, here are some points you must keep in your mind before or while investing:

  • Never ever borrow money for trading purposes or investing in the share market.
  • Take advice but don’t get influenced by any YouTuber to buy any stock. 
  • You must consult your financial advisor before making any further steps while investing in the stock market.
  • Have some patience and choose long-term investment if you are already a working professional.
  • Always remember while investing in mutual funds: high-risk, high reward & low-risk low reward. When you learn enough, you will be able to make the right decisions automatically.

Risk is unavoidable, but you can surely minimize the risk factors by taking precautions and acquiring sufficient knowledge about investing in the stock market.

I hope you’ll find the article helpful. Still, If you’ve any queries regarding this post, please feel free to write that down in the comment section. 

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