15 Best YouTube Channels For Business [Top Picks]

Wisdom is a commodity in the 21st century and all it takes to start a thriving business. Here, I’m listing the 15 best YouTube channels for business. These YouTube channels can help you in various ways to improve your leads and revenue throughout the period.

Starting a business is not easy nor a small decision to make over joining a 9 to 5 professional job. Even though business is not for everyone, it comes with many perks that attract most people to start their own business instead of doing a job.

There are a lot of challenges the business owner has to face in the very beginning. Not having the proper understanding of starting a business leads to failure, and that’s why most people also quit the business.

If you have got any idea of a start-up and want to start your own business, make sure you do it in the right way so that you don’t quit in the middle. You must acquire all the knowledge in order to succeed.

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List Of Best YouTube Channels For Business

All these business YouTube channels are not listed in the ranking order. I’ve listed them randomly and probably because all these channels are different and share something unique that will help you grow in every aspect of your life.

However, all the listed YouTube channels are run by Indians, so mostly the language will be Hindi. We can say this list is the 15 best Indian YouTube channels for businesses and startups.

1. Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker – 18.1M Subscribers

Dr. Vivek Bindra is CEO and Founder of Bada Business Pvt Ltd, a motivational speaker, and a business coach. His YouTube channel’s name is after him. There is no doubt that this is one of the best YouTube channels available for business and entrepreneurship. If you’re a beginner who knows nothing about how to run a business, then you should check out Dr. Vivek Bindra’s channel.

Moreover, on this channel, you will get motivational videos for life along with business and startup ideas. Bhagwad Gita highly inspires Vivek Bindra, and you can find references in most of his videos. However, even if you don’t want to start a business, you will find videos on leadership and management skills to help you in your future life.

In conclusion, just watch any of his videos and you will find out what I was talking about.

2. Satish K Videos – 780K Subscribers

Satish Kushwaha runs Satish K Videos YouTube channel. By the date I’m writing this article, he has uploaded 248 videos on his channel.
Satish K Videos is the unique channel on the list. If you’re a student or just a regular guy who wants to make money, you’ll learn a lot from his videos.

His videos are based on interviews of someone who has achieved something extraordinary in his life. He takes interviews and asks every single question regarding that person’s journey, how he made this much money so that you can get the idea to make money on your own. Furthermore, Satish also makes videos on how he’s making money, and you can do it too.

After all, we start businesses for money and on this channel, you will learn all the tactics of making money in the easiest way possible.

3. Sikhle India – 1.13M Subscribers

Sikhle India is one of the best YouTube channels for business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. Manoj Mor runs Sikhle India, and by the date, he’s uploaded 421 videos on the channel.

Manoj’s primary objective is to make videos for unemployed people and farmers of India to start small businesses and make some money. However, you will learn many new things and business ideas that you never knew existed or were possible. Making 421 videos is not a joke; he has worked hard on the channel, no doubt why Sikhle India has grown up so quickly.

Furthermore, you will get startup ideas for small businesses like Dairy farming, poultry farming, goat farming, fish farming, mushroom farming, and more. You will indeed gonna learn a lot from Sikhle India.

4. Intellectual Indies – 1.02M Subscribers

Sahil Khanna is the founder of lapaas.com, a well-known digital marketing agency. He runs intellectual indies YouTube channel by himself.
Intellectual indies channel is one of the best YouTube channels for businesses and startups.

However, Sahil Khanna believes the knowledge gained is directly proportional to the knowledge shared. And that’s why he shares beneficial information regarding SEO, digital marketing, and business news around the globe.
Furthermore, you will also get motivational videos, sales, marketing, and free courses like data science to learn consumer behavior.

5. Warikoo – 1.18M Subscribers

Warikoo is my personal favorite; it is run by Ankur Warikoo and is the only channel on the list that is not monetized. There will be no advertising between the videos, which is a plus.

However, Ankur Warikoo is a company owner, investor, and financial speaker. He posts videos about personal finance, career counseling, and startups every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Moreover, both Hindi and English versions of the videos are accessible. Ankur Warikoo’s YouTube channel appeals to me because he offers honest and unbiased personal advice based on his own life experiences. There is no doubt Warikoo is one of the best YouTube channels for business and finance.

6. TEDx Talks – 33.5M Subscribdrs

TEDx Talks is an international community that organizes a platform where the most successful people who have achieved something unique in their lives appear and gives their best speech to the world. TED Talk is one of the best YouTube channels to get ideas and motivation.

I’ve learned a lot of things by watching TED Talks, and I highly recommend this channel to every single person who wants to achieve something in their life.

However, you can learn unique skills, marketing, sales, and motivation to keep going even in the worst scenarios. In conclusion, you must subscribe to TED Talks to improve your knowledge in business, finance, and vice versa.

7. Dr. Ujjwal Patni – 5.77M Subscribers

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a top Indian Business coach, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, and best-selling Indian author. The YouTube channel’s name is after his name. His channel is dedicated to publishing videos for life and business every week.

However, you will learn business lessons from the case study he published on different brands and how they succeeded or failed. Business and marketing are being used everywhere in our lives. Hence, even you are not planning to start any business; you should learn how people use these tactics to manipulate you.

In conclusion, Dr. Ujjwal Patni is one of the best YouTube channels for businesses, startups, and wannabe Indian entrepreneurs.

8. Praveen Dilliwala – 3.29M Subscribers

Praveen Dilliwala’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular, covering themes such as investment, business, motivation, finance, and generating money. This channel is a good place to go if you want to obtain unbiased information on the issues stated above.

If you’re a student or want to establish a business, though, I strongly advise you to watch his MBA playlist. You’ll discover how to make money using all of the marketing methods that will help you succeed.

Furthermore, Praveen also makes videos for what is scam jobs and how to avoid joining them. There’s a lot of useful content waiting for you on Praveen Dilliwala that can bring you success.

9. Seeken – 3.29M Subscribers

Here comes my favorite channel Seeken, I have watched every video available. Seeken has changed my life and perspective drastically. Zeeshan Shaikh is the owner/founder of Seeken; he read many books and made summary videos for them. The hard work he puts in making those summaries clearly appears in his videos.

Although Seeken is all dedicated to making videos for health, wealth, love, and happiness, you can learn many things to be a successful person in life. You will get a book summary every Sunday on Seeken.

Zeeshan himself is a businessman, and he also makes videos for it through his life-long learnings. In your early days, you need motivation every time you’re planning to start a business; that’s why I highly recommend you watch the Seeken YouTube channel.

10. StartupGyaan – 376K Subscribers

StartupGyaan is one of the best YouTube channels for business, entrepreneurship, an+d motivation. You will learn through stories of successful entrepreneurs and their startups on this channel. Arnab Nayak is the owner of StartupGyaan; he brings valuable content in Hindi for Indian wannabe entrepreneurs.

Moreover, you will also get trending news about business, startups, and entrepreneurship. You can also learn cryptocurrencies by the playlist of the channel. While doing my research, I found StartupGyaan is one of the most-liked YouTube channels for businesses and startups that provide content in Hindi. Furthermore, Where to get funds and how to finance your startups will get all these kinds of answers on this channel.

11. CaochBSR – 1.74M Subscribers

Here comes yet another one of the best YouTube channels on the list for businesses and startups, Coach BSR, proudly owned and managed by Bhupendra Singh Rathore. Bhupendra is a motivational speaker, business coach, corporate trainer, and a successful writer.

Master your thoughts master your life is one of his most outstanding written books. Bhupendra knows the art of public speaking, and that’s why his videos can be understood easily by ordinary people who want to learn about business or startups.

However, Bhupendra has also written 15 Days to Master The Greatest Skill Of All Time PUBLIC SPEAKING. That experience you can easily witness in his videos by the way of his narration.
Moreover, you can find playlists for the law of attraction, personality development, meditation, creating wealth, and much more on his YouTube channel.

12. Think School – 872K Subscribers

Think School is another one of the best YouTube channels for business. If you’ve got the true intention of learning the business from other big and thriving startups, you will definitely like the Think School YouTube channel. 

Ganeshprasad S is the co-founder and managing partner of Think School. He is dedicated to making business case studies every Tuesday and Friday at 9 pm. However, if you were searching for how to create a thriving business learning from other brands, then Think School will satisfy your need.

Moreover, you will also get videos for cryptocurrencies and trendy business topics that will keep you updated.


If you’ve got enough budget, time, and are still out of business ideas, then Satyam Kirti Business Ideas will be the best YouTube channel.

Satyam is the founder of the Prisad business learning program, where he trains people to start a successful business. Moreover, Satyam is a business coach, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and writer. He is qualified enough to teach you every essential knowledge that helps people create a profitable business.

Furthermore, he uploads videos for the stock market, business, and startup tips on his YouTube channel apart from various business ideas.

14. Social Seller Academy – 179K Subscribers

Social Seller Academy is one of the best YouTube channels for starting an online business. If you want to start an online business, most probably because of the remote access and you can work from anywhere, Social Seller Academy might be the channel that can help you.

Lakshit Sethiya is the owner of Social Seller Academy, and his objective is to create videos to start an online business for potential entrepreneurs. His primary intent is to make his videos in easy and graphical ways; in this way, he can also help beginners.

Moreover, you will get case studies of successful online businesses to get ideas to form them. You will also find how to start an eCommerce business and different marketing strategies to prevail.

15. Josh Talks – 3.69M Subscribers

“If you want to do something big in your life, all you need is josh.” With that being said, “Josh Talks” joined YouTube on 9 Jan 2014. The idea was to gather some brilliant and successful people on the stage to share their stories. Josh Talks is an Indian platform; thus, the primary language of the videos in Hindi.

However, we can say Josh Talks is a copy of TED Talks, obviously, but just the idea. Many successful businesspeople share their stories of how they started from ground level to now. All these kinds of stories and ideas will help you find your purpose and build up your empire.

16. Y Combinator – 392K Subscribers (BONUS)

If you’ve come this far, here is a bonus for you; Y combinator. Although this channel is not in Hindi, it is indeed a valuable one. The y combinator is all about startups; you will learn so many valuable things about how to start a successful business from ground level.

Moreover, you will learn business lessons from various CEOs and co-founders across the globe. Apart from the learnings, you can also get fundings; if you need it, and in return, they will take a small stake from your company.

In conclusion, if you can understand English, the Y combinator is one of the best channels available for startups and businesses.

Final Words

You don’t actually need a unique idea to launch a successful business. You can make something even better which is already present in the market. All you require is a proper strategy and resources. There are a lot of examples you can find in the real world. Yes, they might become your competition, but competition is for losers; there’s no traffic in the extra mile.

However, the post was about the best YouTube channels for business. I’ve listed different channels that share different specialized knowledge. Thus you can get benefit from all of them.
By watching the videos, your knowledge will improve, which is all you need. If you have any queries or suggestions, please write your words in the comment section.

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